Birthdays and Celebrations

With my hunny bun, aside from the fact that MI CASA ES SU CASA, the phrase EL AMIGO DE MI AMIGA is also true in my case. :P

Since I don’t have much of a life outside our home, I sorta “borrowed” my hunny bun’s friends for one of the birthday parties (yes, plural) ate so generously gifted me. <3

For my 44th birthday (yikes.. I’m soooooo OLD!!! </3), ate gave me not ONE but TWO parties! <3 She is so generous when it comes to her dear old mum. She always saves the allowance that she gets from her lolas (we don’t give her allowance, all her money come from her lolas) & penny pinches when it comes to her needs, that this gift is really treasured.

I’m so happy ate made it home in time for lunch! m/
Too bad only her college was suspended. I was hoping the 2 kids would also be home.
That would have been perfect.

I love the fact that she appreciates me & wants to reciprocate the best way she can. Life is not forever after all, so I let her spoil me when she can because I know doing it makes her happy. And I know first hand how it feels when you reject a gift. My mom is like that, and so is Kapitan K! lels. Every time we give them gifts, a long sermon is not far behind, which really takes the joy out of gift-giving, don’tcha think? @_@

So I try my best to be gracious with every gift that I receive. The 2 younger ones complete their ate’s gift by providing my birthday cakes & balloons to add to the festivity. I feel soooo LOVED! How blessed am I to be so cherished & adored by my babies. <3

Birthday cake from my babyson for my luncheon with the gals! <3 
Birthday cake from my Lovey for my dinner HAT party! <3

Ate got Neil’s Kitchen to cater my TWO parties. Complete with waiters to tend to our needs! I felt soooo special & spoiled! <3

For my luncheon with the ladies..

Neil’s Kitchen provides trouble-free party set up.
They brought everything. As in all plates, glasses, utensils, table cloth & table napkins, tables & chairs.
All I had to do was tell them where to put the tables. :) Stress-free, really!
I really appreciated this ate.  

Pumpkin Soup 
Waldorf Salad 
Creamy Carbonara
Shepherd’s Pie
My theme was supposed to be Snow White! :P
But these ladies didn’t have costumes, SIGH. Next time! ;)
My very own waiter! ;))
With Reg hamming it up for the camera haha..
This is how I like my friends.. they have to be as crazee & carefree as me!!! ;))
My very happy plate! <3
The food assortment was just right because the ladies (well except for me, of course) hardly ate!
Mga figure-conscious sila hay. @_@
With the lovely ladies. We were missing 2 very special gals, Teree & Rica, who weren’t able to make it. </3
Of course.. with ladies.. camwhoring is never far behind haha!
Thank you so much for gracing my luncheon, gals! <3

Then for my dinner celebration with my hunnybun’s tennis friends whose wives I have become quite attached to..

Russian Salad
Beef Casserole
Fish Fillet
Pork & Chicken Paella
With my lovely girls! <3
And my oh-so-game guests who came in their party hats as I have requested! ;))

With Noel & Tahsa, the winning couple who came not only in their whimsical hats, but matching outfits as well!!!
You can see the superfriends contingent really are a fun group! m/ 
I hope they enjoy my simple surprise gift.. a sparkling APPLE champagne & mug.
And lookee who got so aliw with the ladies’ fascinators!! OMG! @_@
Who wouldn’t be?? My fascinator really is sooo cute! <3
Thank you my Lovey for lending it to mommy! :-*

Through this all, I would also like to thank my dear Anderson for running errands the whole day & night. He really is my night in shining armor! <3

Look at his sweet birthday message to me! <3

Oh, another thing! I was able to make sangrias, and they were a HIT, yay!   I liked both, but I liked the white sangria best.. no bitter aftertaste whatsoever.

For white sangria, I mixed the following: white wine (chardonnay, sauvignon blanc), 1 bottle of tropicana orange juice, (2 oz. brandy optional -I didn’t put), 1 can of sprite, 2 sliced oranges, 1 whole diced apple, 1 lemon wedge. Let marinate & keep in ref for at least 10 hours. Serve with plenty of ice.
For red sangria, I just mixed the following: red wine (any merlot or cabernet), 2 bottles of tropicana orange juice, (2 shots gin & 2 tbsp. sugar are optional -I didn’t put), 2 sliced oranges, 1 whole diced apple, 1 lemon wedge. Let marinate & keep in ref for at least 10 hours. Serve with plenty of ice.
My guinea pig who loved my concoctions.
Ipapasok ko na ito sa alcoholics anonymous haha..
How sweet it is to be loved by you! <3
My babyson was in a basketball game. Sigh.. what can I say? He’s growing up.
My 2 girls are easier to control & blackmail hahaha! ;P

Thank you so much, ate, my babyson, and Lavinia, for loving me so much and valuing me so greatly. I am so honored to be your mommy & I thank God, always, for giving me such kind-hearted, caring, loving & thoughtful children who think so highly of me. You guys made me so happy! This is my best birthday yet! <3 Love you so much!! :-*

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