Birthday Treat at Li Li

A couple of weeks ago, my very generous sister-in-law invited us all to Li Li in Hyatt Hotel to celebrate my nephew’s 19th birthday! <3


Ate & I were able to try the DIMSUM ONLY version of LiLi a while back (which is offered daily at 888 php/person) so we were excited to try the new Sunday Yum Cha Buffet Lunch menu at 1,650 php/person which included some main courses & inclusive of free-flowing Iced Tea, Soda and Local Beer from 11AM-3PM.


The last time we were there we found the dimsum menu short-listed, not to mention expensive with the very limited choices. So having more selections now, with cantonese dishes for main course to boot, made us too excited that we couldn’t sit still in church & were day dreaming of what was to come. Our bad! :P


Besides, the cousins only get to see each other once to twice maximum a year, so this was a double treat for us, really. First time this year that we were complete. Certainly not the last, I hope.


Li Li

5/F, Hyatt Hotel and Casino Manila

1588 Pedro Gil cor M.H. Del Pilar

Malate, Manila

For Reservations (02) 247 8666




My hungry, excited gators in their Sunday’s best! Read: Polo & pants haha. ;))



We got there at around 1PM so the Roast Buffet Station was almost empty. The Li Li staff quickly replenished them though..




Pig’s Knuckle with Jellyfish










My small but happy plate filled with roasted goodies galore! <3



My favorite! <3 Which was brought to us because it seems to be everyone’s favorite as well. We could never get lucky enough to find some on the buffet table. ;) We appreciate the staff’s helpfulness.



Aside from the buffet station, you are given a menu card where you can tick off your dimsum & main course order. Cooking takes a while though so make sure you order a sufficient amount of dimsum or you’ll get bitin! Knowing my penchant to over-order (and over-eat), Kap took on the helm & ordered for our family. And of course, it’s BITIN! As in 1 piece each huhuhu :P At the back of his mind he still thinks he’s paying for our meal siguro hahaha!



If it were up to me, I would have ordered all. But Kap always practices moderation. He’s really a very disciplined person.


Deep fried scallops with shrimp mousse in black pepper sauce. Yumm!! <3


Wok-fried Beef Tenderloin in Mandarine Sauce with stress on the tender. Must have!



Shrimp & Chicken Salad


Steamed Cuttlefish with Garlic


Pan-fried Garoupa Fillet in Chili & Garlic in Coconut


Shrimp Taro


With the wacky birthday celebrant who is always so malambing & funny. <3
I’ve missed seeing my niece & nephews grow up.
I see them so close to their aunts & cousins on the other side that I just have so many regrets.
How I wish circumstances were different but what is done is done.
I’m happy though that they had that. Family & stability is important.
What I wasn’t able to give them, their other aunts made up for tenfold. For that, I’ll always be grateful.


Team GO!


Team STOP! ;))
It’s very rare that we get to spend time with them so this was a really special day.



What the Sunday Yum Cha Buffet offers, aside from the Roast Buffet Station, is the Dessert Buffet Station which is actually one roomful of dessert after dessert. <3











I particularly liked the small butter cake with the rosette peach topping. And the food for the GO’s which looks like a mooncake but is not. ;)
I also had fun with the orange jelly candies from yesteryears.


La Familia Sagrada! ;))



If you like dimsum -and unlimited at that, might I suggest that you give PHOENIX COURT at The Bellevue Manila (650 php, 850php), PASSION  at Maxim’s Tower (750 php) & SHANG PALACE at Makati Shangri La Manila (1k) a try as well? I still find that they have more affordable buffet rates at equally yummy proportions. Nonetheless, we are thankful to my SIL for the lavish treat in Li Li. :)


Btw, have you noticed that MIL & I have the same fringed top? Yes, courtesy of my kids last christmas. They really have a great sense of humor huh? Twinny outfits for the “BFFs”! :P



My life for the past 20 years that she’s been living with us.
Sigh.. one hand for each! :P
Caption this:
1.) Namamangka sa 2 ilog
2.) Sa gitna ng 2 nag-uumpugang bato
3.) Torn between 2 lovers



And the winner is.. AKO syempre! :P #iamstakingmyclaim
See: Biggest smile, small smile, and no smile! ;))
Gaaaah. It’s a good thing that I’m such a jolly person! I am able to amuse myself.



Yup, it was certainly the best Sunday I’ve had for the year! ;) Thank you so much Akim for thinking of us & including us in the celebration. We enjoyed every moment we spent with you guys.


I’m really praying & hoping that this will be THE YEAR for all of us so we can finally take a much needed bonding vacation together. Won’t that be a hoot! ;)

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