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Birthday Special: (part 2)

Spanky Enriquez, KTG Bossman..

The Bossman is the Founding member of the KTG, a.k.a. Kain Tulog Gang. He is the “big brother” in his own crazy little version of the PBB. The handler extraordinaire who makes sure schedules are always full, extended bellies deliriously happy.

I will always be thankful to him for expanding my horizon & introducing me to interesting people & taking me along gastronomic adventures. He has opened so many wonderful opportunities for me in the world of blogging. Guiding me towards a whole different level I never though I would reach. He is my game changer. ;)

Many of you might know him as the #RAWR guy because of his 101 naughty instagram photos day in & day out. But to me, he is a kind-hearted & loving big brother. He bullies me. A LOT. But I guess that’s how he shows his love. He is not the showy type, he doesn’t say mushy stuff, but how he expresses it is heartfelt. Food is his language of love. Action speaks louder than words, they say. And if my expanding waistline & hefty weight gain is any indication, I can definitely say that he loves me a WHOLE lot! ;) Walang payat sa KTG! 

I am honored to share with you HIS THOUGHTS.. ON ME! ;))

Happy Birthday!!

I have always thought that it would be difficult to match the depth and quality of friendships I made in college~ with the exception of one~ all my best friends are my college classmates.

The adventures I had in High School were exciting, but College? Epic. The shared experiences ~ the pressures of pre-med, the many nights of the cheapest booze we could afford, the crushes and the busteds and the sweet yeses, the intrigues and the fights and the making up, all those and more, all made us closer, each one, good or bad or drunken, made us one, made us whole. To this day, my classmates in UST are my family.

I never even considered that I’d have that level of closeness again, but these past few years, I’ve met another group of friends that I now consider family too. They’re now known as the Kain Tulog Gang: some of the best bloggers in the Philippines: the best writers and the best photographers, the funniest and the harshest, the silliest and yes, the kindest.We all have one thing in common: we love to eat and sleep, hence, KTG.

Many of us in the KTG have known each other for over three years now, but our gang continues to grow. In 2014, I met a colorful lady, a “mommy blogger” named Jane, who is just like her blog’s name: she’s one of the sweetest and spiciest persons I’ve ever met. A few minutes into our first meeting, we were already talking like long lost friends. Today, her birthday, a few months after we first met, I’m proud, and very very fortunate, to call her a true friend.

In the brotherhood and sisterhood that is the KTG, she has become, not by virtue of seniority, but because of her unlimited generosity, our beloved maternal figure. Jane is always the first to plan a surprise for a birthday celebrant, always the first to volunteer, always the first to give, and always the first to care for us all.

The only thing she’s not first in? The first to arrive whenever we get together. But we blame that on her husband Jeff and his wonky Waze. (Kap, pasensiya na, b-day ni Jane eh)

I know Jane hates it when I call her “Mommy Blogger”, but maybe, I got it right after all, but with just one minor revision: Jane is the KTG’s one and only uber special, one-of-a-kind, soul of an angel,

“Blogger Mommy”!!!


Staycation at BELLEVUE MANILA.






PicMonkey Collage88

With the Bossman! <3

Thank you so much for taking me into your fold. You certainly are the wind beneath my wings. Nuks! May flying pig ba?? :-*
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