Birthday Special (part 1)

I’m the type of person who is warm, open, touchy-feely, and very friendly. Within minutes I can transform from being a total stranger to your new BFF. But I don’t have many friends. I have been burned so many times that I am very very careful who I let in my life. And still, I get hits & misses now & then.

When a bloggers group invited Kap & I to join them, I was really quite apprehensive. So many people to consider & accept as friends. I mean, hey if you’re thrown together in a group, how can you not be, right? You HAVE to like each other -or at least learn to tolerate each other.

I was scared. But in time, I began to see the beauty in each one. The strengths as well as the weaknesses. But together, like music, we make it work.

Even before, I would draw closer to male friends. I guess it’s because there is less drama with guys. Ladies are more sensitive than men. So, being one of the boys, I don’t have to light-foot my way around & over-analyze if what I said or did would be taken as an offense.

In the group, I am closest to 3 men. Maybe because I am always with them, or out together with them in most blogging events. But we click. I get them, they get me. I love them, and well.. they bully me! :P

Meet the men in my life other than Kap & my Babyson..


From left to right: RICHARD CO, SPANKY “the Bossman” ENRIQUEZ, and RICHIE ZAMORA. Of course with my forever leading man, Kap my Kap.

Richard Co, Tales from the Tummy

Richard is very straightforward. He does’t sugarcoat things. He always speaks his mind, and the truth even though the truth may hurt -a bit, or quite a lot. Depende sa levelz :P Wala syang lambing sa katawan, not even an ounce. Which is why he is sometimes considered brash.. and harsh. But when he is your friend, he is your friend in the truest sense. He is loyal & protective. He will give you advice, teach & guide you from your erring ways. On my blog alone, he has taught me so many things that has helped me & improve my blog considerably. I can always run to him for ANYTHING, and he will set me straight. Maiyak man ako o hindi, he will always give me the soundest advice.

To the people who don’t know him, to the outside world, Richard is very impersonal. He doesn’t share tidbits of himself. Even in his posts you will notice he sticks to the subject. Ni picture nga nya wala -which is why all the photos (with captions) here are from me.

To date, this guest post may be his most personal yet & I am honored to share with you HIS THOUGHTS.. ON ME! ;))

The first time I met Jane was in Osaka Ohsho last March, 2014 I had invited her & Jeff to join us for dinner together with a few other foodie friends. I had been quite reluctant to invite her because she lives in Alabang and traffic is bad going to Ortigas. 
Jane and Jeff arrived a little late, understandable because of the distance from her house. She already knew a number of my eating companions but from the very first minute it seems we’ve known each other a long time already.

I clearly remember this day as if it were yesterday. Richard was so sweet to keep pushing food to us. Kain pa.. kain pa he said. He became my hero right there & then. Fast forward to now. Whenever I would reach for a dish he would stare at me pointblank and say. TAMA NA. BAWAL YAN SAYO. NAG-WALKING KA BA TODAY? @_@ Le sigh, where did my hero go???

We got to talking while enjoying the food when we we realized we were somehow related. She’s related to my uncle who lives in Canada and we put two and two together and settled on her being my “cousin”.
She is like Kris Aquino, you know her life story in the first 60 seconds. She is like a force of nature and chaos all rolled into one, but you can’t help but love her.

Richard’s 2nd invite to Kap & me at LASA. :)


Richard’s 3rd invite to Kap & me at BLACK PIG. And the rest is history. <3 I have been a constant alalay to Mr. Tales \m/

We’ve known each other less than 1 year and it feels like we’ve known each other forever. We’ve eaten together a multitude of times, gone on many trips and staycations since, and many of those including both our families. We not only love her but also her family and can’t wait for more adventures together in the future.

Roughing it out at ENCHANTED KINGDOM.


First out of town trip together at BELLEVUE BOHOL.

Oh, wala nang bawian ha? You admitted na that 1.) We are really cousins hehe. 2.) That I am SO loved & adored! In writing yan. Very clear! :P
Thank you Richard for my birthday gift. Isa nalang ang kulang. Dat tagalog movie this weekend HAHAHAHAHA! See you guys tom! :-*

The <– sugar & spice –> ! ;))

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