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Birthday Lunch at Inagiku, Makati Shangri-La Manila

For my actual birthday, I wanted to celebrate somewhere simple & quiet lang sana with the fambam. Nothing fancy, like maybe lunch in a mall then catch a movie after. It’s been a chaotic past few months with everything that’s been happening in our lives, so I wanted a quiet lunch for just the 5 of us where I don’t have to talk, answer questions, take care of anyone, or entertain. I just wanted to eat, eat, and eat in peace. :P

Plus, I have so much to be thankful for already that I didn’t feel like splurging anymore for my birthday celebration. BUT. The kids didn’t allow. They wanted someplace nice for my special day. Ate suggested Inagiku.

I’ve only been to Inagiku once, when we celebrated Ate’s birthday some years back. It gave a lasting impression, a very positive one. So when Ate mentioned Inagiku, all my pretensions of wanting a simple life fell pronto & I relented hehe. Alam nyo na, mapag-panggap ako! :P

Inagiku specializes in Japanese-only buffet. We’ve been to Circles many times but never to Inagiku. Have they always had a buffet? If so, then we missed out on A LOT huhu! Must remedy this situation asap!


2/F Shangri-La Hotel, Ayala Avenue, Ayala Center, Makati (02) 813-8888
Price per person: Around 2,200 Php


Makati Shangri-La Manila has always been like a second home to the GOppets.



My fashionable kids were on a mission. :P Serious eating ahead.



When at a buffet, we normally skip the salad station to give room in our tummies for more “worthy” things haha.



But Kap couldn’t resist having some. And pretty soon I was sharing in his yummy kani salad plate. Dee-licious!



Which I immediately regretted after seeing the fantastic & colorful display of so many sushi & sashimi assortments here! <3 Huhuhu I wanted a piece of everything!



I suggest you forget the usual tuna & salmon. Instead, go for the gold..



UNLI UNI! Can you believe it? And not distributed sparingly too. THREE thumbs up! <3



Yep, seeing the look of delight on my babyson’s face, we definitely struck gold at Inagiku! ;)



Yummy in our tummies! <3 Next to Kap & the kids, nothing comes closer to my heart than the freshest sushi & sashimi. Omnomnom!



Now THIS is what a birthday plate should look like, don’t you agree? I did say pass on the tuna & salmon right? #pasaway



I finally listed to my expanding tummy & stopped piling my plate with the heavy stuff..




Uhmmmm.. except for the sukiyaki station.



This I simply CANNOT let pass. The sweet broth & tender beef was worth the diminishing tummy space. :P



Finally, I got to what I really came here for. The teppan station.



Carnivorous me was so very happy!



And I wasn’t the only one. My babyson’s eyes are half closed from happiness, lol.



Imported striploin beef. So amazingly tasty & tender.



But I preferred the chunky tenderloin. Heaven!



A bit of ebi tempura to take out the beef umay. Then another round at the teppan station for more meat, teehee.



Happy GOppets. You can tell when we are happy with the food, you can barely see our eyes. Well, except for mine because of the falsies, lol.



I love the attention to detail in this fruit carving. Inviting one to sample the lush fruit platters.



But alas, I had to go for the sinful treats. Like this fried ice cream!



And a bevy of these beauties. The more sinful, the yummier it becomes. Why is that, pray tell? @_@

When I came back from the dessert station, expecting a heavy scolding from the party poopers for my over-filled plate, this is what greeted me instead. Another gift! Yaaaaay, HAPPINESS! <3 <3 <3


After my babyson’s bout with camera shyness -which thankfully he has overcome. My Lovey naman is in the don’t-take-my-picture phase now. They take turns in giving me grief, I tell ya! :P



Driving shoes! Blue, to match my current bag!



And also to match Kap my Kap. Now we are truly SOLE-mates. :)

Just when I thought I wouldn’t have a birthday cake to blow, out came our server with a chocolate ganache, all for me! \m/


Thank you so much, Inagiku and Makati Shangri-La Manila for the love! :-* Cake blowing comes a close second to my love for gift openings don’cha know?



What a happy birthday indeed. :) Family, thoughtful gifts, Japanese food & chocolate cake, what more could a girl want on her birthday? (ok except maybe a magic pill to take off 100 lbs!)



To be honest, I was dreading the coming of another birthday because, after 40, who’s counting, right? But if birthdays are always as fun as this, then bring it on! ;)

Many thanks to my family, who laughs & learns. Prays & protects, apologises & appreciates. <3 Dreams together & discovers, fights & forgives, teases & trusts, gives & grows. Believes & belongs, loves and lasts forever.  I would never ever trade you guys for anything in this world. You are my everything. Thank you for making everyday feel like my birthday. :-*

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