Birthday Giveaway!

My dear beloved readers,

I just love interacting with you. Reading heartwarming comments from you is one of the highlights of my day. ;D

So.. I want to take our relationship to the next level! ;) You know so much about me. This time, I wanna know all about you! <3

If you’re up to meeting me one-on-one on a blind date, I have a “Meet & Greet” for my birthday giveaway! <3

All you have to do is:

1) Make sure you are willing & able to meet me in makati on February 25 (Monday) 3 p.m. sharp for our one-on-one date. (I will email you details)

2) Write me a short birthday message under this post only. From today until February 20 (my exact birthday), 12 midnight. Be sure you include your email address so I can notify you of your winning.

3) Be my birthday guest blogger & write everything about our date which I will post on my site! ;)

That’s it. Then I shall randomly choose 1 name from a raffle.

I’m sooooo excited to meet you & I just know we’ll have fun on my birthdate! :-*

Can’t wait to meet you!! :-*
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