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Birthday Blessings!

Every year that my birthday comes, I get so giddy with excitement. I know birthdays are for kids, but I am a kid at heart, so I always welcome the month of February with thrill & unbridled anticipation. So much so that I declare the love month my most favorite month of all!

Allow me to thank those who sent happy birthday greetings, special thoughts, and warm wishes my way. I enjoyed reading all the text messages, emails, Instagram comments, Facebook comments, comments here on my blog, and phone calls you have placed. You have truly made my 45th birthday oh so wonderful! <3

I must though, give a special shout out to these very sweet, very thoughtful peeps who made sure my day was filled with love & squeals of delight! ;) You sure know how to make a grown girl cry from too much happiness!

1.) My hunnybun, who though kuri, knew flowers & balloons would make me smile & make my day. These are what he calls “intangible” objects, meaning thing that won’t last & that things he doesn’t care to spend on. Lels. But for my birthday, he humored the romantic in me & sent me what makes every girl on the planet kilig! ;)

Every year, I look forward to receiving  4 greeting cards from my Romeo (valentines, birthday, anniversary, and Christmas). He doesn’t express himself much, or write long love letters to me, so every card counts. Like he really puts time & effort into getting me the most appropriate & “ME” card & pours his heart out which is very rare that I treasure each one. In fact I have saved all our greeting cards & put them in these binders as keepsakes. <3 I’m senti that way.

Various greeting cards covering a span of 28 years! ;)
I like to go over them from time to time. I still get kilig with each card that my honeybun has ever sent me.

2.) Every morning on my birthday, my kids never fail to come up with a surprise. They really make sure I start my special day right. <3 I am so blessed to have kids who really love me & make it their life’s mission to make me feel it in every fiber of my being. Ate is really a good leader, and her siblings are just too happy to follow along.

I am soooooo mababaw when it comes to gifts. Anything silly makes my heart leap with joy -and they know it. I am happiest with the silliest & cutest things like this DRAMA QUEEN sash & LOOK AT ME hairband. And how cute is that lippy pouch & mirror??? These things, plus their effort, really made my day.

And I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE homemade cards! Nothing says I LOVE YOU more than the time & effort put into creating a greeting card just for you. And this is one Bada$$ greeting card. I lovett! <3

They are ever so supportive of my blog. They are my biggest fans & they always make me feel important.
They are happiest when I get nice comments, or blogger invites.
They are not selfish with the time I spend on blogging because they know it makes me happy.
They are always updating me on what’s the latest ganap, places I should see, & what I should write about.

And I love long, personal letters. My Lovey always makes sure I get one on my birthday. She is really so sweet & affectionate. My baby in every sense. <3

3.) My best friend Marina also never fails to send her love. Every year for the past 18 years that we’ve been friends, she always sent me gifts that made my heart sing. She chooses every gift meticulously & with serious though on what I would like. Last year, she gave me a surprise dinner at Barcino. This year she gave me a shopping spree in my favorite store for my OOTDs. ;))

4.) A pleasant surprise came in the mail on my exact birthday. Talk about precision! ;) My BFF Meding sent me a hard-to-find, sold-out-in-every-store eye shadow palette.. URBAN DECAY NAKED 3. I don’t normally put eye shadow but for special occasions I let Ate doll me up. And this gift was just so timely. Ate & I had a fun time pretty-fying ourselves up for my birthday dinner. <3

Thank you so much Meding for your wonderful surprise! <3
And than you Ate for doing my eye makeup! I now have an official makeup artist in the house! :-*


4.) I am happy to announce restorations! :) My brother sent over some yummy goodness which was a pleasant surprise. He knows the way to my heart is through my stomach! And he sent a whole lot of lovin’! ;))



5.) Another BFF Faye also never forgets to send me a gift every year. <3 Hearts & chocolates, every girls’ favorite. Needless to say, I attacked the chocolate immediately! ;)



6.) Fashionista Reg knows I have a penchant for accessories- though not at her level lels, AND anything pink. So it was 2 birds with one stone. I have just the perfect OOTD for this accessory & I can’t wait to use it. <3



7.) Girls will always be girls. ;P And this is kikayness in a box. Ate, Lovey & I shared the contents of this box. Lagot si Kap. Ang bango ko! Thank you Ria! <3



8.) Franny surprised me with this very thoughtful gift. She had her mom bring it over to boot! Talk about special delivery! <3 And in my favorite lippy color too. Oh Franny, no words are enough to tell you how precious your love is. Without you, there is no Sugar & Spice. Thank you for your friendship, your unwavering support to me & my family, and thank you for making me feel so special & important to you that you even had Auntie deliver my gift. I also love the earrings from her & will think of her whenever I’m wearing it! :-*



9.) It was also a pleasant surprise when I saw this on Instagram while I was stalking my readers hehe. Thank you so much REAH DUHAN @reiduhan & JOSEPHINE CINCO-GEMENTERA @jo_mimmy for this greeting! I almost dropped my iPad when I  figured out this post was for me. How special you gals have made me feel! THANK YOU!! :-*



10) And speaking of Instagram, I was actually in dreamlandia when Ate sent me a text message from Ilocos, telling me to view my Instagram as I had a very special surprise. And what a surprise it was!! GWAMA was greeting me a happy birthday on IG! All thoughts of going back to sleep went down the drain after seeing this haha. Thank you so much Jin for making this happen. You didn’t forget my request! m/

I just finished a bout of heavy, dramatic crying before finally falling asleep because I missed Ate so much, so this really lightened my heart & put a smile back on my face. Really Jin, you have NO IDEA how happy you have made me & turned my frown upside down. I just love you & your family grabe! ADOPT ME PLEASE!!!


Sorry Neil Quintos @nielgq but I have a copyright na on Gwama’s fansign na haha.
As agreed upon, si Oreo nalang ang pa-fansign mo okay, ask Jin hahaha!
And thank you Neil that I am one of the 7 people you follow on IG haha. Ang special ko talaga grabe at ka-hilera ko sila Jin & Leslie of @shootfirsteatlater fame.
BEYOND FLATTERED!! Thank you!! :-*


Last but most certainly NOT the least, Makati Shangri-La, Manila, Ms. Lesley Ann Tan, and Ms. Margaux Hontiveros for a lovely birthday dinner at Circles Event Cafe! <3 What a blessing it was to be able to celebrate my birthday dinner at my top favorite buffet restaurant! This was truly the highlight of my birthday! :)





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