Big Dogs

Summer is here. Most definitely. I can feel the HEAT! @_@ Even our air conditioner is groaning, walang kalaban-laban kay Mr. Sun, hay!

No matter how light the material of my clothes may be, I’m still sweating like crazy! There’s something comfy about tees that make it the perfect summer staple.Β Plus, my Kap has so many water-related plans for the kids this summer, plans that don’t involve my flamborous (flambuoyant & glamorous) outfits! I needed to get new tees ASAP.

Buying for my plus size is not easy. Normally I go to Criselda Lontok for my outfits. But unfortunately, she doesn’t do rugged. Ayoko naman ng FUBU noh, parang hindi bagay sa akin –it’s so manly! :P Thank goodness for BIG DOGS.Β They have Big Tees For Her! m/

I ordered a couple of feminine shirts online to tide me over for the summer. Magmumukha naman kasi akong reynang sirena if I wear my flamborous outfits to the beach.. Ano naman yun, santa cruzan sa tubig?! At baka naman masabi pang si free willy –nakadamit! ;))

My package arrived today, and I’m sooo happy with my 6 new shirts to pair with the colored jeans the kids bought for me from forever 21 (Plus Size). Sayang, I really should have bought more!

I love Johnny Air Cargo!! <3
They make things sooo much easier for me!! m/
I think I like this caption the best, teehee! ;P
No. I think THIS ONE is!! ;P
Or maybe THIS ONE!!
Gosh, I like ALL the captions!!! <3
OMG. This too!! @_@
And THIS!!!
Hipster! ;)
$17.50 each. Or roughly 700 pesos lang! Plus 1,600 shipping for all so parang 1k each.
Oh di ba ang cheap??
Gaaazzzz I need to buy more!!!
They charge by weight.
Buti nalang hindi ako kaya i-box. Mabigat!!!
And OMG. Isn’t this some sort of a SPOUSAL ABUSE???
Please report ASAP to Bantay Bata!!!
Joke lang, huwag po kayo magalit kay Kap. Ganyan talaga kami mag-harutan, hahaha! We just woke up from our nap here, so please pardon my puffy, unmade-up face! :P
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