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Bicol Day 3 feat. Villa Caceres Hotel, Naga City

When I posted on Instagram a blow by blow account of our recent Bicol getaway, 2 of my lovely readers who happened to be in the very same region expressed an interest to meet up. This sincerely gives me so much joy & happiness, knowing I am relevant enough for you guys to give me the time of day. I can never thank you for your kindness & support to me, my family, and my blog. You make me feel so special & loved. <3

Diba? Haba ng hair ko. ;) With the very sexy (and bendy -coz she’s a yogi haha) Micai Fabian & her lovely daughter Anin. <3 Thank you for making the time to see us. I’m so happy we got to meet before we left Legazpi. :-*

Morning of our last day right after breakfast, Micai Fabian & her lovely daughter Anin knocked on our door & we were able to meet & hug. How funny that we are both from Manila but it took a trip to Bicol for us to see each other. :) Team GOppets had a lovely time meeting you & your family dear Micai. I hope you had as much fun in your adventures as we did. And maybe we’ll get to bump into each other again in dear old Manila. :-*

Then it was off to another long road trip back to our home sweet home. But not before we had a smorgasbord lunch courtesy of another reader -now turned good friend, “Auntie Lily”. We were invited to lunch at a posh resort, VILLA CACERES HOTEL by Lily Tan a.k.a Auntie Lily, the queen of Naga & auntie ng Bayan. :)

Feeling like a star haha. Team #GOppets with the very humble & unassuming queen of Naga, Auntie Lily. <3

Villa Caceres Hotel

Magsaysay Ave., Naga City Call 0917 125 4062
Email: @VillaCaceresHotelNagaCity

Villa Caceres Hotel, otherwise known as the “Gem of Bicolandia”, defines a new standard of luxury and comfort for its clientele. From its establishment in 1993, Villa Caceres Hotel has come a long way in delivering its guests the finest that Bicolandia can offer. From first-class amenities including a sizable swimming pool, to uncompromising service, a grand victorian-inspired lobby, a restaurant serving both local & international cuisines, and a large convention center unparalleled in both scale and function.


Villa Caceres Hotel, located at Magsaysay Avenue along Naga City’s famous entertainment and dining strip, is owned by Mr. Robert Lee Obiedo & family.


From its establishment in 1993, Villa Caceres Hotel has become a long way in delivering its guests the finest that Bicolandia can offer. From first-class amenities to uncompromising service, a grand victorian-inspired lobby, and a large convention center unparalleled in both scale and function.

Indulge yourself and experience firsthand the incomparable level of refinement. CLICK HERE to see the beautiful & well-appointed rooms that starts at 1,500 php/night! YES you read it right, OMG! @_@

Just click on the link above to get to the website & book your room now! ;)


From 1,500.00 php for an Economy Single Room, to 13,000.00 php for a Presidential Suite, find the best room that suits your needs.


Room types available according to your budget: Economy Single, Economy Twin, Standard Single, Standard Double, Executive Suite, Executive Twin, Family Suite, Group Suite 6, Group Suite 8, Bridal Suite & Presidential Suite.

Travel time from Legazpi City to Naga takes 2 hours so we were really embarrassed to reach Naga at already 2:30 in the afternoon, waaay too late for a sumptuous lunch prepared by our most generous hostess.



When in Naga, make sure you either book a stay at Villa Caceres Hotel, or at least dine at ROLANDO’s RESTO. Named after the owner, this cafe serves the best of Bicolano dishes as well as international cuisine at a price affordable to all. Kap-approved kung baga! ;)


We were greeted by Villa Caceres Hotel‘s friendly & smiling staff, and this wonderfully cool concoction, the Iced Tea Pandan. Definitely a thirst quencher! <3 For starters, we were overwhelmed with the busog-lusog Tuna Sisig and the plump & juicy Stuffed Pusit Lumot. I kid you not, these made me contemplate staying for another night in Bicol coz I was so sleepy & lazy to move right after our big, yummy feast hehe.


Tahong Halaan, Kap’s favorite. We have this almost weekly at home, but never the size of these babies. These mussels were BIG! Is everything in Bicol gargantuan like its famous volcano??


OMG. Sweet & Chili CRAAAABS! Normally the kids don’t like getting their hands dirty, but not this time. They got down & dirty to the last bite. ;) Himay kung himay.


When in Bicol, you must -> BICOL EXPRESS! <3 Fiery stew made from long chilies, coconut milk, shrimp paste or stockfish, onion, pork, and garlic. Bicol Express was named after the passenger train service from Manila to the Bicol region. Seriously, we didn’t know which one to dig into first. Just look at these Crunchy Calamares & Laing. Laing is a Bicol specialty, a spicy and creamy dish of taro leaves & chili peppers cooked in coconut milk. Also on the table, the freshest Sugpo, and  Shrimp Laing. Another version of taro leaves in coconut milk but with shrimps this time, and of course, an abundance of chili. Extra rice please??? <3


And fresh from the oven, these newly baked cakes that will melt any heart! Cappucino & chocolate, oh my! I just wanted to lie down & sleep after such a satisfying meal! <3

Thank you so much dearest Lily & family for for your generosity & hospitality. We enjoyed the fantabulous spread at Rolando’s Cafe. Our lunch, and meeting you of course, was one of the highlights of our Bicol trip. Your hotel is just FAB! If only we had more time. I hope I can return the favor when you come to Manila.

Bicol not only has such a beautiful & tranquil scenery, but also the most wonderful & friendly people. Everyone we encountered was so helpful & courteous! <3 Thank you to the wonderful Bicolanos who made our stay most enjoyable. We will definitely be back to enjoy more of your hospitality.

The 2 times we went to CAGSAWA RUINS where the remnants of a 16th-century Franciscan church lie, Mayon Volcano was hiding behind the clouds so we didn’t get a good photo op. I’m glad we were able to take one at our hotel balcony so our trip was not totally for naught. :)

Where to buy pasalubong when in Bicol? The price & choices at the Legazpi Grand Terminal Pasalubong Center is unbeatable! \m/ Don’t forget to haggle because it’s part of the fun of pasalubong shopping, right? But not too much naman that you leave the tindera crying, hehe.

From fresh pili to candied pili nuts, keychains, sweets. Name it, the pasalubong center has it.

Kap went wild with the souvenir t-shirts for his carshop staff while the kids & I went gaga over the chili chocolates & candied pili nuts. Yum! <3

Kap was so happy with our out of town trip to Bicol that he immediately planned another one in July. Manny Pacquiao’s hometown naman daw for some tuna lovin’.

Anyone living in General Santos? Please let me know the things we can do & where we should eat in Mindanao! ;)

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