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Ate had a very long summer vacation. Her college has adapted the U.S. academic term (Aug-Dec, Jan-May) so this school year, class opening has been moved from June to July. Next year it will be from July to August. So this summer, she’s been going bananas with 4 months of chillaxin’! Today, she went back to school huhuhu. #heartbroken

To keep herself occupied because yes, she’s one of those people who absolutely cannot keep still & has to be doing something every moment of every day! She has cleaned her closet 4x, she has learned how to bake & cook her healthy food, she has been going to the gym daily, and because she got bored of the daily exercise & workouts her Trainer has given her, she also enrolled in AntiGravity at BEYOND YOGA for a month, on the last leg of her freedom.


Picture 3

What is AntiGravity?

AntiGravity is an acrobatic performance troupe that was founded in NYC in 1990 by Christopher Harrison. From the Olympics to Broadway to MTV, they are the most prominent American based company in the rapidly emerging field of Aerial Arts. The company is best known for their performances which incorporate AntiGravity Boots, Dancing Bungees and the AntiGravity Hammock.

The technique was created by gymnasts for the sake of exploring the air and has been modified and enhanced to fit into the yoga mold and to cater to the everyday athlete. By adding additional techniques from dance, pilates and calisthenics, AntiGravity has created a complete workout that is certain to get you in shape while realigning you from the compression of gravity. AntiGravity Yoga takes into consideration both meanings of the word — working to manipulate physics while staying lighthearted.

About the hammock

The AntiGravity Hammock is a structural fabric that is connected from two overhead points. It acts like a swing or soft trapeze. The AntiGravity Hammock is utilized to change one’s dynamic relationship to the ground, allowing the participant to better understand their body. It is strong enough to hold a baby elephant so YOU will be safe.


photo 2

Beyond Yoga is the only yoga studio in the Philippines licensed to teach AntiGravity Yoga which was created by Christopher Harrison and Pilates Certified Instructor Jill Drapo-Harvey.




On her first day, because she is so fit & fab, she was able to do this. Homaygas! Kahit na idol ko si Gretchen Barretto, the queen of AntiGravity, I cannot see myself doing this at baka it will take 20 people at least to get me back to the upright position should I get to the upside down position (which will be a BIG miracle!) High blood lang ang aabutin ko! :P


photo 1

AntiGravity Yoga FUNdamentals for Beginners.

photo 2

The SPIDERMAN pose. Nuks! ;)


3rd day..


photo 1

She has adapted a bit & doesn’t feel like passing out anymore! ;)) Nakakapag-selfie pa!

photo 2

She had so much fun that she persuaded her sister to join as well..




What’s more, Ate could already do flips on her first week! I’m so very proud of my girls! <3

CLICK HERE to see Ate’s brief video

AntiGravity Yoga FUNdamentals offer new students an opportunity to establish a solid foundation in this unique system. This class is designed to give them a secure and detailed understanding of AntiGravity Yoga FUNdamentals while having fun. They’ll learn to go upside down with ease and the support of the hammock, hold and balance challenging yoga poses, gain better kinesthetic awareness and develop familiarity with the basic grips, wraps and traps used in an AntiGravity Yoga class. This safe and supportive environment offers all students a fresh perspective on discovering the wide range of benefits of mastering the AntiGravity Yoga hammock. This introductory-level class prepares the students for AntiGravity Yoga Flying Fitness classes

After several sessions of he AntiGravity Yoga FUNdamentals, she has advanced to the AntiGravity Yoga Flying Fitness.



aphoto 1

AntiGravity Yoga Flying Fitness utilizes the foundation one has gained from AntiGravity Yoga FUNdamentals to expand their horizons. They get to learn to enjoy a new relationship to gravity through swinging, flipping, inverting (yes lots of time upside down), balancing and developing new proprioceptive skills. This class builds upon curriculum taught in the FUNdamentals series and adds intermediate level poses (asanas) & inversions, swinging movement sequences (vinyasas) as well as additional grips, wraps, traps, mounts, dismounts and intermediate-level levitations & flips.

And she even enjoyed a session of DISCO YOGA! ;))


5photo 1

5photo 2

5photo 4


What are the benefits of AntiGravity?

– AntiGravity Aerial Yoga decompresses tight joints.
– Relieves pressure while aligning the vertebrae.
– Perform advanced yoga inversions without neck or back compression.
– Hold challenging yoga postures longer and in correct alignment.
– Stretch further with less strain.
– Add an entirely new dimension to your yoga practice.
– Create better body awareness while increasing overall agility.


Hay nako Ate. Ang laki na ng investment ko sayo ha! Kelan ang R.O.I. aber???



Just kidding! You know you’re worth every penny, babe! I’d give you the moon & the stars if I could. I love you so much & I’ll miss you every day that you’re away from me. How I wish you can stay beside me forever. Thank you for a wonderful summer. :-*


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