Beurre Blanc

Beurre blanc translated from French as “white butter”— is a hot emulsified butter sauce made with a reduction of vinegar and/or white wine (normally Muscadet) and grey shallots into which cold, whole butter is blended off the heat to prevent separation. Similar to hollandaise in concept. This sauce originates in Loire Valley cuisine.

Had dinner at Beurre Blanc in Resorts World last night. I don’t know why we never noticed this restaurant before. Maybe because it says French/Mediterranean on it’s sign haha that’s why we weren’t so keen to try it out. Until last night! Check out this catchy sign… ;)

Yep, this certainly caught our attention! ;))

Their spread isn’t as much as let’s say buffet 101 or the rest that offer a huge variety, but everything that mattered was surely there! :)

Ready & so eager to dig in! ;))
Oooops! Half of Dad’s face was blocked, LOL.
My Lavinia is definitely growing! :)

They had soup, a salad & appetizer station, salmon, steak, OYSTERS!!!, pasta, an assorted meat & seafood station (chicken, lechon, beef, squid, fish…) & a dessert station. Here, see it for yourself & drool… ;P

Cream of pumpkin soup which was so rich & creamy!!! <3
The salad & appetizer station which featured…
Feta cheese salad. Got a bunch of these! <3
Potato salad
Salsa salad
Smoked salmon, which I got a huge heaping of! <3
Raw oyster (I skipped this in lieu of the baked version -much safer, LOL!)
Caesar salad, just the perfect mix! <3

That was just a preview. Here’s the main course..

Tender, juicy ribs.
I swear we kept coming back for these! <3
Potato Gratin
Mixed veggies & rice
Baked oysters, which I had A LOT of!!!
Aphrodisiac!!! ;))
The Meat & Seafood station.
Steak cooked the way you like it! <3
and Salmon!!! <3
Pasta with your choice of toppings & noodles.
Happy, contented faces! ;))
My dessert plate! :)
I don’t know what this is, but it kept our hearts a-flutterin’! <3
They had a chocolate version, also as heavenly,
but I was too lazy at this point to walk & take a picture, LOL!

This is one restaurant I wouldn’t mind going back to over & over again. The servers were really attentive & friendly. The ambience, although busy, wasn’t so stressful as it normally is with buffets.

We went home with satisfied smiles on our faces. What a nice way to cap a weekend! :)

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