Betty’s Cheesecakes

The Superfriends decided to get together for dinner tonight. Since I really wanted another shot at the yummy cheesecakes, I “manipulated” them into having dinner at Bf so I can twist their arms into having dessert at Don Limone’s after. ;))

Oh yes, I’m very wise. Knowing my cheapskate hunny bun would pip a squeak if he found out we were to eat at not one but TWO establishments, I played with his mind & kowtowed to his tight purse strings. Little did he know my plans for AFTER dinner. Mwahaha!!! ;P

3/4 of the superfriends kids edition.
Missing were the Dayrits & half of the Buensalidas. </3
Good thing the kids didn’t mind where we ate as long as they were together! ;)) 
We sorely missed Jojo, Judith & Noel. </3
It’s just not the same.

So after an uneventful & cheap dinner at one of his japanese finds, Tatsunoko, I “suggested” dessert at Don Limone’s. My hunny didn’t even blink an eye because he was way too happy with our bill. I already knew ate Marita loves cheesecakes, her favorite dessert in fact, so I went on & on about how yummy the cheesecakes were at my new discovery! ;)

They were all like putty in my hands. I was so happy but I had to contain my joy so as to not look suspicious! ;)) Look at the pictures below & see why I couldn’t stop thinking about Betty’s delightful cheesecakes! <3

Complimentary Don Limone’s homemade limoncello shots.
Here’s to friendship & cheesecakes! <3
We ordered Bailey’s 245 php, chocolate supreme 245 php, NY cheesecake 205 php, Tiramisu 235 php, Mojito 255 php & Tequila Sunrise 255 php! <3
My heart was DELIRIOUSLY happy!
But amidst the confusion & panic on who gets what slice, I wasn’t able to DOCUMENT which one is which.
Boohoo! :'((
Although.. There is always THE NEXT TIME! ;) 
My preciousesssss!!! <3
Yup, will definitely go back for more! 
Normally, kids don’t like cheesecakes.
But not so with ours! @_@
Look! :|
With the very pretty, very charming, VERY TALL chef & owner (the other half of Don Limone’s) Betty Mae Tadayon.
For sure, I’ll be back for more of her yummy cheesecake goodness. And I also really wanna try Don Limone’s pizza! Tara lets! ;)

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