To congratulate or to NOT congratulate. That is the question. To deliver or to NOT deliver on their promises. Now THAT is the bigger question. Forgive me, but at my age, I have become quite the cynical. Blame it on past experiences, I guess. I mean how many times had we listened to promises only to find out they have been blatantly broken & we had been expertly lied to. And just look at the political dynasties building up. My gosh, it’s like they are making it into a family business of sorts. Kawawang bansa!

Anyway, did my “good citizen” duty inspite of the heaviness in my heart. I really had nobody in mind, and wondered why I even had to bother voting. They are all one & the same, in my opinion. But my hunny nagged & nagged til I got out of bed & into my street clothes. So there.

Blank. I really had nobody in mind.

Eavesdropped on the kids talking about BERSHKA as I was climbing up the stairs to my room. Thought it was a concert they were excitedly gushing about. So I said “leggo!”. Yun pala tindahan! MAHAL na tindahan! :P

Bershka is the newly opened spanish clothing store in the newly renovated Glorietta 2. Yes, yung binomba na mall. Bomba rin ang presyo.. ANG MAHAL! @_@ The clothes are similar to those of its sister companies Zara & Massimo Dutti, if not nicer. More on the bohemian/romantic/preppy side. Andale, andale! ;) So it turned out to be another shopping expedition for the kids. They were VERY happy, lemme tell you. Moral lesson of the story? Huwag mag-eavesdrop! ;)

Happy excited faces. Ready to explore the spanish wonderland that is BERSHKA! :P

Was eyeing on having dinner at Modern China after our costly spanish expedition since my Lovey showed me several blogs about it & pictures, but the standee outside Bubba Gump that featured this juicy SHRIMP COCKTAIL had me suddenly craving for shrimp. Lots & lots of shrimps!

So we ended up in Bubba Gump & ordered up a storm. See and drool, :))


Bubba Gump Shrimp Co.Greenbelt 3

2/F Greenbelt 3, Esperanza St.Ayala Center, Makati(02) 757-5154



Add VAT, local tax & SC to the food prices below.
Drunken Shrimp 505 php
Ping Pong Shrimp 343 php and Dynamite Chicken Tender (right) 292 php 
Shrimp Croquette 396 php
Shrimp Cocktail 426 php
Backyard BBQ Combo 768 php
Slow roasted half rack baby racks ribs and BBQ chicken with their special sauce, served with French fries, fresh corn and coleslaw
Cajun Shrimp 396 php
Yin Yang Salad with Shrimp 445 php
Spicy Shrimp Rigatoni 560 php
Tender sautéed Shrimp, Rigatoni, and fresh Spinach are tossed in creamy Sundried Tomato Pesto Cream Sauce and topped with fresh Parmesan Cheese
Fried Shrimp 589 php 
My babyson. Oh so delighted with his massive order of ..
Shrimper’s Heaven 773 php
Coconut shrimp, chilly shrimp, fried shrimp, hush pups, fries and of course dipping sauce
The Gang. :)
Now don’t be shy to ask for complementary dessert.
We were a BIG group, having spent a LOT on our dinner, so we asked for free dessert. x2! ;)
This is Mama’s Warm Bread Pudding 335 php
and Alabama Mud Pie 335 php
Cool layer of chocolate and vanilla ice cream with chunks of Snickers topped with caramel and streams of chocolate syrup, smothered with crunchy peanuts
Best of all, my ate Marita & I each got this! (Which of course, was too young-ish for us old farts. So the girls got their hands on the pretty nice loot instead.) :P
The 2 younger kids are taking their entrance exams for a new school today. Guess what, my Kap came through for me. Not just for 1 kid, but TWO! m/ But that story is saved for another day, another post. Toodles! :)
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