Behind The Scenes

So, our neighbor & ate’s good friend Migie is singing one of his original compositions “YOUR SONG” on ate’s debut. Migie is an aspiring and talented singer, croons like Michael Buble -you really should hear him sing.

For his song number which is the “opening act” before he introduces the debutant, we decided to have an MTV featuring him & ate, for a more dramatic effect. Kunwari ala-Ogie/Regine hahaha. ;P

The concept is about soulmates (ha? wait That’s MY story! :P) who are really MFEO (meant for each other) that they keep going back to each other’s arms every lifetime -THREE, in this case. Cute diba? I THOUGHT OF THAT -copyright! :P

Migie brought along his videographer friends, kids really, whose passion is film. Those are the best kind right? Plenty of creative juices flowing & not scared to cover unchartered territories. I really really hope they are super good in editing so the scenes they shot will play out well. I shall post it here as soon as they come up with the finished product -I’m soooo excited! ;))

We went to Tagaytay Highlands yesterday for the shoot. It wasn’t a commercial photoshoot with those big light & cameras so we didn’t have to get a permit. They just used a DSLR & some lighting which we didn’t need coz the lighting in tagaytay was sufficient..

The first scene is during the 60’s, which is their first lifetime..

I really love Geraldine’s Soda Fountain.
The food is so-so, but the place is really screaming coca-cola 60’s! ;)
They both decided on a “GREASE” outfit to match the decor & theme -hence the leather jackets haha!

The second scene is year 2012 where they meet each other again & fall in love.. again. Sadly, both the 1st & 2nd scenes end in tragedy (yes, there’s a DEATH SCENE!! I don’t know how they’re gonna fit all the shoot into a 4-minute video hehe). But you need tragedy to have a really good ending, PROMISE! :) I’ll leave you hanging in the meantime. THIS HAS A HAPPY ENDING, don’t worry. Haha! :P

At the Animal Farm.
Can you see the monkey perched on a ledge behind them?
(yessss.. the one with the pink A$$)
It’s cool how the birds & animals can be petted & touched, unlike in the real zoos. 

Fishing at the docks..
and they finally “catch” one, haha! ;P
At the stables where the thoroughbreds reside..
Endless possibilities! :)
At the Sports Club for some bowling fun..

With Marco, Migie & Ezy.
Guys, I hope the MTV really goes well!!! 
Special thanks to Jeric for making Prettina even prettier..
And of course, to my constant companion, and the assistant to the Production Assistant haha whose help was so invaluable! Thank you so much my Lovey! <3

In love with the Shetland Ponies..

I’m so excited, will keep you updated! ;)

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