Beer Pong

My baby son & his friends have been curious about B-E-E-R ever since they went to open parties. The other night, the freshmen were invited by the seniors (his ate among others) to a house party where the game of “beer pong” was played.

Buzzed! @_@
With the host of the beer pong night!
Good kids Gone Bad! ;P

It’s like ping-pong but instead of using the paddles, you use your hand/palms to try to shoot the pong-pong balls into cups. If you miss, you have to drink a whole glass of beer! @_@

I told my son he can drink ONLY if he’s with any member of the family (who is OLDER than him), and to make sure he doesn’t get wasted. Or that’s it for him.

I’ve been through his age (such a long time ago!!!), so I know how teenagers are. The more I keep it away from him, the curiouser he will become. So, I’d rather he do it with my blessing & under my roof, instead of lying on the ground somewhere passed-out drunk! @_@

So he invited some friends over yesterday, whose parent were also somewhat liberated -to let them “experiment”, with adult supervision of course (si ate, haha!).

I made sure their stomachs weren’t empty. So alcohol isn’t easily absorbed by their body.

They actually tired of it quickly hehe.
This is the effect of reverse psychology!
After a few drinks, they decided it was more fun to go out! ;)
Throw trash at each other..
and ham it up for ate! ;))
Matthew & Cathy are old buddies from their previous school..
which they will be going back to next year hehe! :P
They decided to sweat out their buzz by playing basketball..
with yaya & houseboy in tow hahaha!
So much for being BIG BAD BOYS! ;))
See? You had more fun with a nice clean game of hoops! :P

Just don’t make drinking a habit, boys. Liberated as I am, it will definitely not make me happy! @_@ 

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