The “ber” months are here.. and you know what has invaded our quiet little village? yes.. BAZAARS! ;P

There have been a couple already since a month ago but I haven’t been paying a visit. Or minding them. I’m training myself to stay away.

Bazaar means SHOPPING. And not the good kind. It’s the walang kwenta spending that I’m trying to avoid. Christmas time is here & Mrs. Santa has to save all she can to give her little elves nice christmas presents hohoho!

BUT! This caught my attention so I really couldn’t stay away! :(( So much for saving! But hey, to my credit, I didn’t step foot inside the bazaar. It took all of my will power to just buy some grub then leave right away. Feeling a little proud of my self control here! ;)

The cheese steak food truck in the Cuenca parking area.
Attracted a LOT of my attention! ;)
I hope they will be around at every bazaar. I heard they made REALLY well!
Of course the USI in me had to go inside for a quick view, teehee! :P
I wonder if they do parties???
Kewlness in a truck! m/
Admittedly, the food is pricey.
Hey, we’re talking STEAK here! ;P
Their premium cheesesteak with bacon, bbq & onion rings! <3
We each got the 7″ (270 php) coz the rest were way too expensive.
But we really LOVED it & was worth every penny! <3
Yumminess in EVERY bite! <3 <3 <3

They ran out of fries when we got there. I also wanted to try the cheese poppers. Oh well, I hope they come again next time! </3
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