Batangas Getaway

My hunny has always loved the beach, so when recently, he found friends who had that in common with him, hell or high waters can not stop him from enjoying his new passion -water sports! -much to my chagrin. Yes, we all get dragged along, like it or not! ;P

Maning, one of his tennis buds, is currently renting out a private cottage in Anilao Batangas.

That’s Maning in the middle.
He was my hunny’s college classmate.
Funny how they bumped into each other again,  now living in the same village, after several years.
No this is not our sleeping accommodation, unfortunately!
These are among the private cottages that Maning is currently renting in Anilao.
Beachfront view from Maning’s rented cottage.

Stories of his weekly snorkeling escapades enthralled my hunny so much that he persisted until he got an invite, for the day at least -since the cottage couldn’t accommodate our growing family! ;))

So armed with that encouragement, he & kuya Rolly set out in search of our sleeping accommodations. They found in it Philpan Dive Resort. Soooo not my cup of tea -therefore I am not attaching photos here. Just believe me when I say IT’s NOT MY CUP OF TEA! @_@

My hunny excitedly called me to say he got 2 rooms for our family. TWO! I couldn’t believe my ears. Kapitan Kunat renting TWO rooms for TWO consecutive nights? That’s a first, lemme tell you! ;))

So cautiously, with my antenna & intuition saying there’s something he’s not telling me, I grilled him for info on our “getaway accommodations”.

Me: So hunny, how much are you spending for our rooms exactly?
Him: Oh, not much really. One room, the biggest, is 5k/night.

Me: (thinking hey that’s not bad -the room may have potential just yet!) And that’s our room?
Him: Uhhhmm, no. That’s the Dayrit’s room since their family is bigger than ours.

Me: (Sweating a little now) So, what about OUR room?
Him: There are 3 others rooms that cost 3k/night.

Me: (Stifling a dismayed gasp) So that’s OUR room?
Him: 2 are the Buensalida’s rooms. The 3rd one is for our kids.

Me: (Sweating profusely now) So, what about us? You said you got TWO rooms for us. Where exactly are we sleeping?
Him: There’s a small room at the end of the hall that I was asking to get for free since we will be occupying the whole 2nd floor. They gave it to me for 1k/night.

Me: (Heavy sweat, with blood pressure raised high & palpitations now) So let me guess. That’s OUR room???
Him: Yes. It’s not that bad actually. The toilet is a bit small. Just don’t move around too much & we’ll be ok. And don’t worry the aircon is cool enough we’ll be comfortable. It’s just for the night anyway.

If I wasn’t too shocked I would have screamed my head off right there & then! As it was, I was concentrating on not having a heart attack! @_@

Friday came, the dreaded getaway! I’ll just let you use your imagination.

Photos from Maning’s cottage..

Maning’s dining & living room which we invaded for 3 days straight
His kitchen where ate Marita cooked all our meals. Bless her heart! <3
Maning’s beachfront where kuya Rolly docked his speedboat that we used for island hopping. 
Private hut where the oldies stayed as we watched the kids frolic nearby..
Careful treading with the corals beneath.
Happy kids. All that mattered. 
Just give them ice cream. All will be forgiven! ;))
Using Maning’s shower. Believe me, we didn’t want to or DARE use OUR showers! @_@ 
Okay okay I’ll give you a brief glimpse of Philpan. This is our balcony facing the beach.

Flying kuya Rolly’s lanterns.
All the kids in the 5k family room.
They all wanted to sleep together. I wanted to sleep with them there too -BOOHOO!
What kept me going those 3 days were kuya Rolly’s water toys which the kids enjoyed immensely. If they’re happy, I’m happy.
Enjoying kuya Rolly’s new toy,
a Big Bertha inflatable tube!
1st time to go snorkeling.
3 days straight the kids didn’t let up! They were one with the underwater creatures! @_@
This was at the Twin Peaks where the fishies were so friendly & came up close to play. 
White sand at the Sumbrero Island in Anilao.
We didn’t have to go all the way to Boracay or Coron! ;)
Kuya Rolly’s boat took us island hopping for those 3 days…
That even I frolicked in the water, can you imagine??? ;P
My poor kapitan kunat’s makeshift rashguard.
You would really burn without one.

Went home sunburned -kids were happy to have snorkeled & seen so many colorful fishies underwater. Like I sad, it’s all that matters. But hopefully, it will be a long long long time coming before we go for more out of town trips. I’m such a kill joy -I know it! :P

PS- Too bad I just found out about this & have my mom buy it a day too late prior to our trip. Could have taken lots of nice underwater pics of the kids snorkeling! I guess we will just have to go back again -a different & BETTER sleeping location next time -I HOPE! ;P

Life Proof iPhone Case in pink, 4k, apple store.
It’s like a tupperware for your phone -leakproof! ;)

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