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Barrio Inasal

Family friends Coy & Dindo opened a new restaurant serving Ilonggo dishes, particularly the Inasal variety at Barrio Inasal. And whad’ya know? They’re smack right beside Coco Nail Studio! I’ve been passing it all along & I only found out when I bumped into Dindo last sunday on our way up to Coco Nail Studio! @_@

Of course we had to patronize it like RIGHT AWAY! ;)

Barrio Inasal

2/F Don Gesu Building (Don Jesus Boulevard), Muntinlupa

(02) 7837635

Coy’s personal collection of Filipino paintings greet you as you walk in.

The place is big. It can comfortably seat around 50 pax.

The restaurant is Al Fresco but you may request for air-conditioning if that’s what you prefer. They have 2 big ones to keep the place cool & comfy.

It opens up to this open-aired nook. Perfect for nights of inuman & chikahan. :P

It’s decorated in a no-nonsense relaxed furnitures & fixtures that allows you to hang your hair loose.

The resto is well ventilated so even without the air-conditioners turned on, it’s pleasantly cool & airy.

Because the senior citizens were in a rush to get home before dark (I really don’t know the reason behind it!) we decided to just do a “take-home”. But I will most definitely go back with the SFs in tow. They would absolutely love the modest-priced & yummy Ilonggo dishes.

I munched on this Chicharon Bulaklak (230 php) as I waited for our orders to be cooked. The mudras looked the other way. Eat at my own risk daw! ;)) Bahala sila.. YUM! <3

My pasalubong for the family: Paa (100 php each), Pecho (115 php each), and the Iwi (pwet! ;P 65 php each). Add 40 php for every serving of garlic rice.

The big & kind-hearted spouses are very active with relief operations & they are always SILENTLY helping every time there are disasters in the nation. I “stole” this from their personal facebook pages where they were tagged. I hope they don’t mind hehe.

Coy (white top) in Action! ;)

and Dindo (right)

Keep up the good work, Coy & Dindo. This is why your are blessed ten-fold. We are so mighty proud of you! <3

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