Eating out is really one of my family’s ultimate costly passion. I think a chunk of our monthly expenses go to FOOD! @_@ Ok, food & clothes share equal billing! ;P

Yesterday, my babyson was tamad to go to basketball. What a surprise!!! And my hunny had a string of tennis activities the whole day -& night! :((. So I was happy to explore greenbelt with the kids. Any mall except Town. I am really truly madly sick of ATC already!!!

And since I have my newly-acquired wings, we made it to makati by lunch time! ;)

Our plan is to eat in ALL the restaurants in Greenbelt hahaha! One by one we will try ALL! ;)) And since my policy is never in the same restaurant twice, we tried Barcino Wine & Resto Bar in GB5. Okay, not the best choice for kids, but we are, after all, going for the paellas.. not the wine.

Food was surprisingly good. And I’m glad the kids tried -and liked, spanish cuisine this time…

The dip was maasim -salsa.
I don’t know why it was made the bread dip… Parang mas bagay for chips?
2 orders of Potato Bomb 390php
(Potato balls with chorizo-filled center)

Gambas con Bacon 495php
Big prawn were used. Sulit! ;) 
My Lovey’s Espagueti Con Gambas 450php
A bit spicy, just the way we like it! <3
My babyson’s Espagueti Ala Catalana 335php
Would have been a great dish had the noodles not been SWIMMING in olive oil…
My (Seafood) Paella Marisco 595php.. Best pick of the day! <3
Ate’s Paella Gallina y Cerdo (pork & chicken) 545php
Tasted the same as mine, except for the toppings.
I wanted seafood topping. Ate is not fond of mussels! ;)) So we had to get 2!
But 1 order is good for 2-3 people.
Torrijas Con Chocolate 225php
They had huge servings, so we only had room for 1 dessert which we all split.
Chose this over the churros because the kids liked cinnamon on their bread.
Churros was plain. 
Big plates = Big smiles! ;)
Walked around a bit after that heavy meal. Look who we saw just waiting for us to have our picture taken! ;)

Orangi! (orange orangutan hehe!) ;))
Couldn’t resist these as well..

No.. he doesn’t want to be an astronaut! :P
Passed by the new Louie Vuitton store. The window display is too cute!!! <3

Got tired window shopping, but found it too early to go home. So we watched a movie. You will never guess which one hahaha!!! :P Won’t Last a Day Without You!!! :P
Yes… Kabakyaan amidst the kasosyalan in Greenbelt!!! ;))
I know, I know!!! We watched everything else na kasi hahaha!
It was kinda cute though, in a very corny way! ;P
Headed home while there was still a bit of light to guide me through the scary highway! The had dinner at cravings…
I didn’t pay attention to this, sayang!
Could have ordered an entree to get this soup/salad combo for free sigh..
Instead, had to pay for Splurge in Salad 295php
When I could have used my 300 for an entree!!! @_@
Oh well.. lesson learned. Next time! ;)
They had 2 kinds of soup that day…
Chicken Noodle Soup & Cream of Carrot Soup. I had both hehe! ;P

My salad plate.

Ate’s Thai Spice Fish Cake 195php
She loved it. Also the sweet-chili sauce which she had 3 servings of! ;))
My babyson’s Roast Beef Steak 690php.
This came with free soup & salad, which he didn’t avail of.
Because mommy didn’t pay attention! :P
Sayang, my babyson loves salad pa naman.
My Lovey’s chicken ala Pobre 335php
I love dessert (and COFFEE!!), so I took advantage of their 150php promo.
They choose the 3 cakes for this promo which varies every day.
The cakes available that day were..
Chocolate caramel..
and Devil’s food cake.
My babyson’s Phil. Mango cake Jr. 90php
Thank you babies, for spending the day with me & sidetracking me so I didn’t miss your dad too much. Love you guys! :-*
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