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Banzai Japanese Buffet

The PIG SIGNAL from the Bossman lit up in the skies again, but with japanese words this time. So Kap & I were very excited because we LOVE Japanese food! So I hurriedly donned on my beautiful Japanese costume & my geisha wig, making sure my silk pants were extra extra loose & heavily gartered. It is a buffet after all. I had to be in my tiptop shape! ;)



BANZAI! a Japanese cheer of enthusiasm or triumph. A cry or cheer of enthusiasm, or to celebrate victory.

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BANZAI, THE GREAT TEPPANYAKI THEATER claims to be Manila’s biggest teppanyaki restaurant, with a floor area of 1,200 square meters. It offers unlimited teppanyaki dishes, sushi and sashimi, steaks, ramen, tempura, okonomiyaki, takoyaki, and much, much more. Banzai is also all- unlimited, with beer included in the drinks buffet.



Banzai: The Great Teppanyaki Theater

The Bay Leisure Park, Bldg J, Seaside Blvd. PICC Reclamation Area, Pasay
(02) 552-7368

It’s beside the giant air-conditioned ferris wheel. You won’t miss it! ;)

I’ve always loved watching the teppanyaki show at Kimpura in Greenhills, and how the food is cooked right in front of you. Mixing here & there, chopping, flipping, chanting Japanese words which I don’t understand but find very exciting. ;P So I was very eager when I got to Banzai because of the Japanese theater & I was anticipating the same experience. I was expecting a long teppanyaki table where I can sit & watch the chefs at work. However, since the restaurant offered buffet, there were just several teppanyaki stations placed strategically in the buffet areas & you don’t get personalized cooking. But they have dishes alongside where you can choose ready-cooked food.

You get your assorted teppanyaki choices from the dishes in front of you.

We were greeted by the manager of Banzai, and a table filled with food from the buffet stations. Talk about being pampered in the highest level. Thank you Andrie & Leah for taking such good care of us. <3

With the Bossman whom I love SO, SO, SOOOO MUCH!!! <3 ANDRIE UDAL, Trade Marketing Manager and LEAH ESTRADA, Brand Manager for BANZAI! Thank you for your warm hospitality & kindness.

Being such foodies, we consumed everything on the table quickly & went on the hunt for some more..
photo 5

Here’s a map of the different food stations so you can plan out your visit & maximize your tummy space! ;)

We also celebrated HEFTY FOODIE’s birthday that day. If you celebrate it there, make sure you avail of Banzai’s birthday promo! :)

Happy birthday, EUGENE! :)

Before you leave. There’s a costume place near the entrance where you can have some fun. And you know the KTG is all about fun & craziness! @_@ And of course eating. Lots & lots of eating!

Bald men! ;))


Make sure you find the costume room so you can don some on, have a hoot & an instant photoshoot! :)


My favorite funny man! THE PICKIEST EATER. Richie always manages to make me guffaw with his craziness. I love this guy! <3 He’s really so game.


The costumes are a bit short & small, so Kap just hammed it up for the camera. :) OMG, dress the sumo wrestler in girly clothes & voila, it’s a couple photo of me & Kap bumping tummies! :P


If you’re lucky and you find this nook empty you can eat in peace here, away from the hungry buzzing crowd. There are around 3-4 small tables in this secluded area.

Banzai is similar to other buffets in the area like Vikings, Buffet 101, Yakimix, Sambokojin & the like where you get value for money. Buffet prices for adults are P699 for Monday to Friday lunch, P899 for Monday to Friday dinner, and P1,088 for Saturday, Sunday, and holidays. Buffet price for children below 4.5 feet is P499 while children below 3.5 feet can avail of the buffet for free. Rates are inclusive of service charge.
Thank you boss for including us on the invite. We always enjoy fun times with you & the KTG. <3 Thank you BANZAI for having us over, and for these super cute take home souvenirs which my girls took such fancy on..
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