Bannaple has been open for a couple of weeks now but they seem to be always crowded & busy, so it took a while before we were brave enough to try it out.

Last wednesday, we decided to finally go for it! ;P And we weren’t sorry at all. Food was really good.. and cheap! And they had huge servings, so I was really really happy even with the somewhat long wait.

My Beef stew 195 php
Lovey’s Garlic Tapa 170 php
Ate’s Chicken Milk Shroom 175 php
and a burger we split because it sounded so good on the menu! ;))
We were really too full to even attempt looking at dessert.
But hey, what is a bannapple experience without dessert??? ;P
So we bought a whole Banoffee pie for take-home! ;)
720 php 1 whole
Just look at this sliced yummy goodness!!!
Bannaple loaf 145 php (not so good),
Herbed cheese & mushroom pie, chicken pie, tuna pie. The bomb! Sooo good!
only 75 php each for a heavy, meat-filled pie! m/

Gotta try their other best sellers soon -with the boys this time!!! <3
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