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Bamba Bistro

Para bailar la bamba
Para bailar la bamba se necesita una poca de gracia
Una poca de gracia para m para t y arriba y arriba
Y arriba y arriba por t ser, por t ser, por t ser
(In order to dance the Bamba, In order to dance the Bamba, A little humor is needed, A little humor for me and for you. Faster and faster, Faster and faster I’ll be for you, I’ll be for you)

One busy Saturday, we passed by BAMBA BISTRO on our way to the tailor for my babyson’s suit fitting. He has outgrown all his suits & he badly needed one asap for his JS Prom.

I heard good reviews from mommy friends Teree & Ria that I wanted to take my babyson there for a date. It’s not often that I get to have him all to myself for a day so I wanted to take him out for a special lunch. Ate was our 3rd wheel! ;P

Bamba Bistro
55 Aguirre Ave cor Arsenio
Luz B.F. Homes, Parañaque
(02) 519-7097

(right beside Sinagtala Subd.)

The place does not impress from the outside. But you’ll be surprised with the kitschy interiors. This used to be where the burger/shawarma joint GOURMET’s PALATE used to stand. The owners closed it down & in its place they gave rise to Bamba. More upscale than the less-than-100-peso burgers made popular in BF Paranaque.

I learned that the Bistro was named Bamba because the dad of the owner, Chef Tina Legarda, used to sing Ritchie Valens’ La Bamba to her whenever she was sad, close to tears, or just generally depressed. It was her comfort song. The Bistro, which serves comfort food, is aptly named Bamba in honor of Chef Tina’s dad.

The Bistro is divided into 3 sections. This is the smoking or open-aired section.

And as always, I love the attention to details. <3

Entrance to the air-conditioned section.

We wanted to try the chocolate Raviolinis badly but they were unfortunately out of stock. :'((

Make sure you get this cozy spot when you sit inside the main dining section.

I have a sweet tooth & deep passion for dessert so I was at a loss when I saw all these beauties!
I really really wanted to skip lunch & get right on to dessert, with this chiller positioned right smack in front of me in the 3rd sections which is the bakery.

The menu, for your consideration. Always. ;)

Amuse Bouche Novelty Aprons 600 php each in their website. 700 php at the bakeshop.
I was super naaliw with these..

That I forced them to put one on hehe.
The things my kids do for me! ;))
Mr. & Miss Universe. <3

Strawberry Milkshake 145 php
Coke Zero 50 php


and this! @_@ Busy busy!

Huevos Flamencos 180 php
Chorizo, ham, ground beef, stewed tomatoes, chilli, egg
This was okay. I would have loved to spice it up a bit. But that’s just me, Ms. Spice! ;)
Make sure you put a generous dollop or you’ll be left with no bread & too much spread. :P

Great with the fat, chewy garlic bread provided.

Mesclun Salad 235 php
Assorted fruits, feta, grilled chicken, papadom chips, house vinaigrette
Two thumbs up! <3

Surf & Turf Tacos 595 php
Soft, warm tacos with beef on one side & shrimps on the other. Heaven!
Okay, If I had 3 thumbs, this would definitely get that rating! <3



It was a big order too so Ate shared hers with her baby brother who welcomed his portion with delight.
It just doesn’t show in this picture hehe. But believe me, he was happy! ;)

Steak ala Manila 690 php
Tapsilog, truffled scrambled eggs, garlic rice.
Could have probably gone without. Para lang siyang inihaw na baka sa bahay.
But my babyson is a steak man so he got this.
I suggest you try the Duck Ravioli instead just to have something less ordinary, I read good reviews about it.

Bamba Burger 220 php
100% beef burger, American cheddar cheese, bacon peppercorn mayo, tomato jam. Served with crispy string onions.

So I smothered it with the sauces that came with it, meant for the onion rings lels.
I like my burger thick, juicy, and with everything!

This Hazelnut Cheesecake looked interesting but the rest called out to me more

Like this lovely apple pie with layers upon layers of heavenly, tangy apples!!! <3

Apple Pie ala mode 150 php
Extra order of Ice Cream coz we shared, 70 php.
That’s cheese under the vanilla ice cream. I suggest you eat it together with the apple pie & ice cream for a burst of flavor, a mix of sweet & salty in your mouth.

What’s my Name Again 150 php.
Cornflakes over dark chocolate ganache over crushed graham cracker.
The intention was to make me forget my name after a bite. ;)

But my heart already belonged to the apple pie.


BF Paranaque excites me now with all the new restos popping up. It makes me happy that I don’t have to go far for a food adventure, it’s right at my back yard! <3 It’s just the traffic crossing from Alabang that kills me. Waaaa! Pwede ba magpalagay ng fly-over???

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  • Reply ewok1993

    oh man, the tapsilog and the mesclun salad were calling to me :)

    February 26, 2014 at 12:34 pm
  • Reply KassTastrophic

    I agree with you on the traffic situation. I’d be there more often if there were a flyover. Mala-Skyway. Hahaha!

    We are so lucky down South, Mommy Jane. Lots of beautiful calories to pile upon our food-addict selves! :)

    February 26, 2014 at 1:23 pm
    • Reply Sugar and Spice

      Yes. That’s why goodbye to diet & a long and healthy life kassie, hahaha! :P

      February 26, 2014 at 3:47 pm
  • Reply MED (@Dandasha_8D)

    You had me at Foie Gras and those cute aprons! Will be in HillsB tomorrow, I hope I’ll have spare time to visit your BF finds.

    February 26, 2014 at 2:01 pm
    • Reply Sugar and Spice

      You NEED to have lunch at either bamba, Black pig, or Caviar meding. It is imperative! ;)) Sino ba kasama mo at ano ang ganap sa Hills???

      February 26, 2014 at 3:48 pm
  • Reply Michelle Melo (@michymichymoo)

    Masstress si Kap if may flyover, mas mapapadalas ka kumain, Mama Bear! hahaha! :) I like the no-wifi policy. Eating out should be a way to talk to each other. :)

    February 26, 2014 at 2:32 pm
    • Reply Sugar and Spice

      tell that to my kids. :P sawang sawa na siguro sila sa pagmumukha ko. Kasalanan yan ng instagram lahat kami addict maki-chismis sa mga ganap! ;))

      February 26, 2014 at 3:50 pm
  • Reply edelweiza

    I’d like to try the What’s My Name Again dessert. Mahirap ko din kasi makalimutan ang name ko. Hehe. :)

    February 27, 2014 at 10:57 am
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