Baked Brie in Puff Pastry!

So. When I asked ate where she wanted to have her birthday lunch, she right away said EL CIRKULOAbababababa! Lume-level up na si ate. Spanish restaurant! Fine dining! ;))

El Cirkulo Pasay Rd.

Milky Way Bldg, 900 Pasay RdSan Lorenzo, Makati(02) 810-8735

So I naturally assumed she wanted el PIGGO *oink, one of their specialties.

But no. All she wanted pala was to try this..

Baked Brie in Puff Pastry (Dried figs, apricots, cranberries, caramel and walnuts. Serves 4, please allow 30 minutes 895.00

She came across BRIE while we we were out dining somewhere & fell in love with it. Then, because she doesn’t eat, and can only imagine the taste of food, she looks through Spot.ph’s mouth-watering food pics as a hobby -I know right, SUCH a glutton for punishment! She saw a picture of the pastry above, WITH BRIE, and it became her mission in life to taste it. Again, allow me to stress that it was because of the BRIE! :P

So I said we’ll just go for dessert if that’s all she was after. Gusto kong kumain noh. Hindi ako mabubusog sa pastry lang! After our brunch, which eventually led to supper, it was finally time for dessert. And she was excited the WHOLE DAY thinking of how it heavenly it would taste, when she finally gets a hold of it.

Ayan. Talagang itinuro pa niya! ;))


After waiting for 30 minutes because yes, that’s the baking time, it finally arrived at our table. Along with a back-up cake that I ordered coz try as I might, I can not imagine my daughter and figs, apricots & cranberries in the same sphere! Saging lang kaya ang alam niyang kainin! :P

Her prayer bubble: Lord, sana masarap po itong inorder ko kasi ang mahal lagot ako kay mommy pag hindi ko naubos. ANG LAKI LORD! ;)

And the most awaited moment arrived. Kainan na!!!

The Brie. But also the FIGS, the apricots, and the cranberries. Pa-simple lang ako. I was watching her the whole time as I was chewing my first forkful. I set aside my plate as soon as I swallowed my first bite. Not my thing.. which meant DEFINITELY NOT her thing lalo! :)) She kept chewing & swallowing, chewing & swallowing -trying hard not to contort her face for my benefit hehe. All the while I was watching her. Ma-pride talaga itong anak ko. She says “It’s good” between mouthfuls but you can she she hardly chews. Diretsong lunok na hahaha!!! If you know my eldest daughter, you’ll know that she savors EVERY bite, sometimes closing her eyes pa just so she can concentrate & focus on every morsel she allows herself to put in her mouth!

I finally couldn’t take it anymore so I told her to stop eating it. She wouldn’t. She felt guilty coz it was so expensive, lels. I din’t know if I was gonna laugh or cry. My poor baby, trying to be brave & act like an adult on her 19th birthday! ;)

I pulled out the only weapon I knew that would stop her dead on her tracks. I said NAKAKATABA YAN SOBRA!. She put her fork down right away & agreed to have it packed it for take home.

Meanwhile, this was what I ate while I stared at her & the whole comic act!

Warm Dark Chocolate Truffle Cake. With Liquid Center. Raspberry coulis, fresh oranges 295.00

Oh ate. Have you not learned anything in your 19 years? How many times have I told you that you can always be honest with me & I won’t judge you? Food palang you lied to me na, what more the big stuff in life? @_@ If you can’t be comfortably & brutally honest with me, who with baby? Please, next time, know in your heart that you can tell me anything & everything. Never be afraid. Yes, there will be times when I will get angry, or that I will raise my voice, or even cry. But it doesn’t mean that I won’t back you up 100%. I will. Coz I love you. Always & forever. <3

Moral lesson of the story, hindi tayo pang-sosyal anak! itigil na ang fine dining ok! Balik nalang tayo for the oink oink! ;)

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