Bagyong Pedring

School was suspended today on account of heavy rains (Bagyong Pedring up North)… and what do you know?? The moment they declared it and the kids have been picked up, the rain stopped & the sun came out hehehe! :P

And YOU know what that means for US, right??? It’s LAKWATCHA time!!! ;P

But since I promised myself I’d become a responsible parent first & foremost before being a cool mom, I made them finish all their homework first! ;)

In a little while, we will be leaving to watch this 200 lbs. of hunk! Ooooops, cougar much, hahaha! Ok, I’ll let ate crush on him nalang. But I’m still crushing on Captain America & you can’t stop me!

Abduction featuring THE HUNK! ;)

Then dinner at (of all places) CHICBOY!!! I don’t know what’s up with ate & her love affair with chicboy lately! @_@ She just went there the other day with her friends, and she wants to go there again daw later.  Hello!! malnourished chicken & baboy much??? She loves the chicken fat oil mixed in with rice & the sawsawan. But, I aim to please. So, chicboy it is! ;)

Cute name! chicken AND baboy, hehehe!

In the meantime, while they were busy studying, I got precious napping time with my hunny bunny.. ;) it is BED WEATHER, ya know! a little landi-landi time! <3 <3 <3

On a serious note.. News flash report now as we’re about to leave: Zero visibility in Camarines Sur, Camarines Norte & Catanduanes. Lord, please keep the people in that vicinity safe. Please keep our country safe. Amen.

Pictures of the day:

Our movie snacks.. we vary in taste.
So we always have to go buy from different stalls! @_@
Lavinia & I love chips. Ate & my babyson likes something that is more filling & substantial..
like hotdog & potato munchers.
My hunny likes only one thing.. Kettlecorn! @_@
Meanwhile, over at chicboy!
Eenie, meenie, miney, moe…

The chicken fat oil (red) that ate has been craving! @_@
and the sauces that she gets to mix with sili & calamansi!
5 orders of chicken inasal with unlimited rice..
Adobong kangkong
“cebu lechon” (that’s all skin & fats! –no laman at all! :P)
My plate! :P
Behold! It’s raining cats & dogs chicken & baboy!
Nyehehe! :P
Happy faces of my game na game kids. Love, love, love! <3
I can take them anywhere & feed them anything and they’re still happy.
What good little children! :)
Went to Goldilocks next door for dessert..
Got the jello & macaroons.
Back to bed now to snuggle!! Goodnight everyone!!! :-*

PS- Hey! No school tomorrow!!! I wanna say “yipee”, but I feel bad for the homeless people & those in the bagyo area. So I won’t na. Let’s just pray that the bagyo goes away soon & that everyone is safe & sound.

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