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Baguio 2017 Part 1

The kids used to love going to Baguio. They would get excited & beg to stay another day every single time we’d pack up to leave. “One more day please mommy” ang laging lambing. But that was then and this is now. Ngayon, the horsies with the brightly-dyed pink mane & tail at Wright Park & CJH, the swan row boats at Burnham Park, and the souvenir shopping at Mines View Park hold no interest for them anymore. They simply outgrew Baguio & all that it has to offer.

Sosyal na ang mga panlasa, gusto nila ngayon, international gala na, lol.

Baguio is not as it used to be. Over-populated na. Yes, the travel time got shorter because of SCTEX, but at the same time, naging triple din naman yata ang population growth over the years, hay.

Since our trek to Elyu was majorly palpak, Kap decided we might as well spend the rest of the remaining days in Baguio, para daw malamig. At para maka-usyoso na rin since we haven’t been to Baguio for so long. He surprised us all by getting a family suite at The Manor! zOMG. Honey, may lagnat ka ba?? ;)) #shookt

For once in our lives, he was content to just chill in our beautiful & spacious suite (kasi nga mahal HAHAHAHAHA!) and relax. Kaso, hindi mapakali yung mga bata. Umikot ang mga bumbunan & asked to be let out after barely an hour of quiet, hay naku. Photo shoot daw, sige na nga pagbigyan! :P

The Manor

Camp John Hay, Ordonio Dr, Baguio, 2600 Benguet, Philippines (074) 424 0931 to 43 | (02) 584 4911 | (02) 584 4892

One thing that remained constant though, is this. The Manor at Camp John Hay is not only distinguished by its impressive architecture and cozy interiors, but also blessed with an environment that truly sets it apart from other hotels in Baguio City. This four-storey structure, designed to blend neatly with towering pine trees, provides a magnificent view of the Cordillera mountain range. Here, one can open windows to cool, fresh, unpolluted air.

The interiors brings forth a feeling of nostalgia with the history and the fond memories of the old Baguio. Paneled walls and wooden furniture evoke a Filipino-Colonial feel. Wooden shuttered doors open to outdoor patios with a breathtaking view of the mountains.

With 176 rooms to accommodate guests, The Manor consists of Superior, Deluxe, 1-Bedroom, and 2-Bedroom Suites. Each room offers a breathtaking view of the mountain range and pine forests.

Kap was feeling rockstar & got us the 2-bedroomsuite so we had a honeymoon weekend, Nyeeeaaaam!! ;))

Units are also equipped with a refrigerator, hot and cold shower, in-room safe, and a phone system with IDD/NDD. The bathrooms though, I feel, are outdated & the marble granite bathroom counter tops need to be replaced ASAP.

Yep, tignan nyo yang ngising yan ni Kap my Kap. Definitely honeymoon mode on, trololol! ;P

Asuuuuuus. Feeling KathNiel at LizQuen itong mga matatanda! :)) Kapit-bisig, akala mo naman mawawala.

The kids are ADHD like their Dad. Kenat stay put! After an hour of peace & quiet in our comfy suite, they were bursting to roam the hotel grounds & take pics while daylight was still around. Unfortunately, the rains followed us from Elyu, buti nalang ever ready si Kap with our trusty payong.

I’ve said it before & I’ll say it again, I really prefer the cool mountains over the hot beaches. There’s something about the cool, crisp air that puts me in the best of moods. ;) #romansaespesyal

#Lamna aside from eating, this is what we do best. Camwhoring! ;)) Family GOppets on the Manor grounds.

Dust finally settled & the sun came down so we headed off to dinner. We had a long day plus we were eager to maximize the use of our $$$ suite (si Kap kunwari pa pero nasasabik lang na ma-solo ako, I promise you!)

When in Baguio, the kids will never let the chance of eating at Forest House Bistro & Cafe pass. They out-voted me at a Salpicao dinner over eating at the Manor. Talo na naman ako? Matapos ko kayong ipag-labor ng ilang araw at isilang sa mundong ito??? :P

Forest House Bistro & Cafe

Loakan Rd, Camp John Hay, Baguio, 2600 Benguet, Philippines +63 74 447 0459 ; 0917 888 7960

In line with the trees & greens, Forest House maintains the Baguio rustic theme with its warm, homey, and cozy atmosphere. More than the food, it’s the feeling of being home away from home that makes us feel drawn to this place over & over again.

Unfortunately, there was a reunion going on at the time, so we didn’t get to fully appreciate the serenity this Cafe normally brings.

Our usuals whenever we find ourselves at Forest House: Forest House Bouillabaisse 120 php. A medley of seafood cream soup served in a bread bowl. And Forest House Ceasar Salad 280 php. Fresh garden green with grilled chicken in caesar salad dressing.

And of course, the main star of Forest House, this Salpicado Australian 525 php. Marinated tenderloin beef cubes sautéed to perfection served with garlic rice. For dessert, Strawberry ala Heston 145 php (see below). Fresh Baguio Strawberries in Cream with a hint of cinnamon and nutmeg


100% satisfied each & every time. <3

Knowing the kids will sleep in the next day, we drove around Session Road before heading home to see what interesting finds we can buy & bring back to the hotel for a leisurely & lazy breakfast. Vizco’s Restaurant & Cake Shop came into view. That’s it, final answer! \m/

Vizco’s Restaurant & Cake Shop

Session Road, Baguio City (0917) 579 0962; (0920) 964 2407

We made a brief stopover at Vizco’s to buy its famous Strawberry Shortcake 685 php/8 inch round.

Hey, Vizco’s delivers! So if you’re feeling lazy, just call & ask them to bring you a box of their famous Strawberry Shortcake. Yum! <3

And that concludes our Day 1. Our last installment on our long-delayed Baguio adventure, up next! :-*

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