Baguio (Day 3)

Our supposed impromptu overnight stay in Baguio extended to another night due to the beautiful cool weather. We would have stayed longer, except that ate‘s birthday was nearing & we had to get ready for her birthday & small party. Besides, we didn’t have any more clothes, and we really didn’t pack right for the cool weather. We were chilled to the bones come night time! :P

I just had to go back to the 50’s diner for breakfast. I was so intrigued with their clubhouse sandwich that I will never forgive myself if I don’t get to try that, haha! :P The bread was HUGE & THICK!!! OMG it’s so nakaka-aliw to see, that I really insisted we go back there for breakfast before we headed back home! Just look for yourself…

The bread was like more than an inch thick. EACH!
And the chicken spread had huge chunks of chicken.
Only at 125php! m/
LOOK!!!!! :))
The kids had a much simpler fare.. pancakes & whatnots.
They didn’t get as excited by the clubhouse sandwich.
I’m really soooo mababaw! ;))
Wanted to have our picture taken with the infamous lion.
But when I looked behind me, this is what I saw…
My poor tired kids zonked out hahaha! :P
My babyson was still sleepy when we finally woke him up to have a late lunch in Angeles.
My hunny wanted to try the SISIG at the very first carinderia that invented it..
Awwww… my poor babyson still sleepy haha!
Only the 2 girls were awake enough to give me bright happy smiles! ;))
Ihaw galore.. which of course we HAD TO try!!!

Aling Lucing’s wall of celebrities who dined in her humble carinderia…
Aling Lucing’s title, hehe! ;)
The sisig wonder, TADA!!!
We ordered 2 of these. 350php for both.
Talong ensalada 75php.
Pork steak which was so tender 150php.
and 2 orders of BBQ chicken 180php for both.
Our yummy food got a smile out from my babyson! ;)
More so from my hunny when he found out that our total bill was merely 930php! ;)

Arrived home past 8PM. Same amount of travel time going up & down. Makes me want to think 100x before I suggest another trek to the mountain! @_@
But I have to admit that we had a grand time. Bonding, eating, sleeping. Okay, not so much loving because of the strict guards haha. But then that’s reserved for another day! ;))
Goodnight everyone! :-*
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