Baguio (Day 2)

Our Day 2 in Baguio was chill, we needed to re-energize after that long trip up. So we didn’t set the alarm & just spent our day leisurely. It was nice to have my hunny all to myself the whole day! <3

Since it was too early for lunch at Forest House which opens at 11AM, we decided to go around CJH & see what’s new. Same old same old greeted us.

Went about doing our favorite past time… you know what that is, right??? ;)) Yep, cam-whoring haha! And waldo was always in the pictures.. can you find him??? :P

Where’s waldo??? Can you see him??? ;P
What about here..
and here… ???
Waldo SO EPAL!!! ;))
Decided to take his picture so he doesn’t feel KSP anymore hahaha! :P
At the chocolate de batirol cafe…

Finally, Forest house opened. It was one item on our itinerary that was non-negotiable. The kids just love their salpicao! <3

Australian beef salpicao 500php.
We all had the same order, we didn’t even look at the menu anymore.
This is what our heart was after,  what we keep coming back for! <3

Happy, satisfied smiles! :)

Napped for a while after our yummy lunch. Then went to Mines View for some window shopping, and of course, more cam-whoring! -complete with costumes this time! ;))

Silly pose, serious pose, normal pose. We’ve got it all for you! ;)
Next stop, the Manor for a light snack. We do after all, have an obligation to blog about our food trip! m/

It was really cold up in baguio.
the kids all ordered cream of brocolli soup to keep them warm.
Made usi the rooms.. never slept here, ever. We always stayed in my mom’s townhouse.
6k a night for 2 pax. 1,5k extra for additional guest.

Saw these as we went around the manor..
Spotted: A Palm reader
Didn’t need her though to tell me what my future holds.
I know God will give me a life happily ever after! m/
And just look at this uniformed pooch at the doorway of the manor as we stepped out..
Sigh, I miss my Virginia! :'((
She was with us the last time we went up, boohoo!!

Window shopped some more at CJH, they have SO MANY outlet shops, kaloka!! then WE ATE AGAIN, OMG!!! What a food trip this is getting to be! ;P

Ate dinner at KA in filling station, CJH.
Then ice cream at the station beside it.. even though we were all freezing!!!

Just outside was a “band”. We sat in to kill time before going home.. to sleep.. again! Seems like all we ever did since coming to Baguio was sleep & eat hahaha!

In the mood for love..
except we had the minions with us hehe! :P
Yes.. definitely in the mood for love! <3

Day 3 tomorrow. Gotta prepare for ate’s party. See ya! :-*

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