Baguio (Day 1)

Woke up thursday to the thought that… WE HAVE NOTHING TO DO!!! @_@ We already watched ALL the new movies lined up for the week since school let out for the sem break. I didn’t want the kids glued to the computer (and the bed) the next several days, so I sweet talked my hunny into driving up to baguio ASAP!!!

We are such movie addicts! ;))

After 1 hour of rushed packing, & whisking the keys to my mom’s townhouse in the mountain, off we went! m/ Left manila at 11am. Got there at 8pm. Bummer, right??? Highway is not the problem. The creeping traffic in every town is! OMG, if only looks could kill, I would have been left for dead on the side road by my family for dragging them from the comforts of our own home! :P

My mommy saved the day!!! m/
She lent us her townhouse.

The only highlight (if I can even call it that, haha!) of the day was our lunch at Pampanga’s Everybody’s Cafe…

I read this in Franny’s blog. She suggested this restaurant for authentic
kapampangan food & rare delicacies.
It’s turo-turo style. Nothing fancy.
I’m really glad my family was game to try this out.
For the sake of my blog, hahaha! :P
We ordered & tried a lot, but here I’ll just focus on the exotic dishes…
Adobong camaru/crickets 170php (which looked like BULATE!) :P
I really really tried to be brave but only ate 2 small pieces., forcing myself not to puke, I kid you not!
It doesn’t taste like anything, except that it’s crunchy.
But still… EEEEWWWEEE!!!
Kalderetang Kambing 300php
Me likey! :) Not at all malansa. So tender.
Adobong duck 280php
This one I really liked! So soft & tender.
You can have this 2 ways, either fried or inadobo.
Batuteng Tugak/deep fried stuffed frog (eewwwwweee!!!) @_@
Sorry but I will have a heart attack if I eat this!!!
With the owner Ms. Pette Jorolan,
she was getting ready to be interviewed by..
Gelli De Belen, host of the new tv5 show GELLI-cious!
I super love her never-ending looooong legs!!! <3

The kids were game, but they crossed the line at eating crickets & frogs haha. They ordered “safe” food, so to make it up to them, I suggested we get dessert at another place Franny suggested. At ala Creme which she called cake wonderland. After we tried it though, this is all I can say… maybe in pampanga? ;)

I was really excited to try this Belgian Chocolate cake, as suggested by Franny.
But ate & I, who ordered 1 slice each, were disappointed –sorry. It was dry & bitter.
I find Mary Grace’s version a lot better. Moist & chewy goodness.
But maybe it was just my cake.
Lovey found her chocolate mousse okay.

After another 7-8 hours more of slooooooow driving (sigh), we finally reached the top of the mountain. Most of the restaurants were closed since it was a weekday, so after we freshened up a bit & made our beds, we went off in search of a diner, and look at what we found! <3 

My babyson’s porkchops..
My hunny’s food..
My chili con carne and
burger, haha! Takaw much! ;)
Ate’s fried chicken..
and my Lovey’s meatball with rice.
Street food with magic sauce at 88php. Yum! m/
My tired but happy family! <3
Got to go to celebrate ate’s birthday (part 1) now! ;)) More of our baguio trip tomorrow! :-*

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