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Baguio City 2015

During our 3 days/2 nights stay in Baguio City, you’d be surprised with how many grounds we got to cover considering 2 of those 3 days were used for traveling up & down the mountain.

Baguio is a relatively small city. You can’t possibly get lost.. well, except for us. We ALWAYS get lost. Thank goodness for trusty Waze.

Waze: You are 15 minutes away from your destination from Kennon Road.

Kap: Sweetheart patayin mo na si waze alam ko na ang daan. Sayang ang battery.

Me: SURE KA???

Kap. Sure na sure.

Me: *Turns off waze.

After 30 minutes..

Babyson: Mom, I think we’re lost. We’re already going down!

Me: *Turns on waze.

Waze: You are 15 minutes away from your destination.

Homaygas. Ang galing mo Kap!!!

Mile High Center

Store Manager: Catherine Tibayan
Contact Number: (074) 446-0886
Store Address: Mile Hi Center, Loakan Road, Camp John Hay, Baguio
Store Hour: 10:00am to 7:00pm

Just beside our quaint boutique hotel, LE MONET, is the Mile High Outlet Center where you can buy everything designer at discount. Yes, even Kap got a pair of TOMS shoes there & several RL shirts. Shopaholics that we are, it was naturally on top on our agenda after a hearty buffet breakfast.

I was happy that it wasn’t tourist time yet in January so we were able to shop at a very leisurely pace. The perfect cool weather was also a welcome bonus. Come March, this place will be crawling with tourists from North to South and the sun will be blazing & glaring.

Aside from shopping, there are also several restaurants in the area if you’re looking for casual & inexpensive eats.



Mines View Park

Outlook Drive, Baguio City

After a heavy lunch (straight from a heavy breakfast), we napped for a couple of hours & felt energized again to set out to explore a bit before heading off for a heavy dinner. Such is the life of a KTG. :P

There is no doubt that the Mines View Park is one of the most popular and most visited park in Baguio City. From the observation deck of the park a breathtaking panoramic view of Benguet’s gold and copper mines and the surrounding mountains unfolds before you. It is a spectacular sight to behold and should not be missed when visiting Baguio.

We always go up to Baguio so the kids were more interested in buying trinkets & souvenirs for friends than looking at the scenic view. That, and eating inihaw na maize & drinking strawberry-flavored taho! :P

When in Mines View, be on the look out or this cute pony whose hair has been streaked PINK! And for the big mountain dog, the Saint Bernard.

PicMonkey CollageG

Good Shepherd

15 Gibraltar Road, Mines View, 2600 Baguio City Telefax (074) 424 11 09 – Convent

When in Baguio, one must NEVER go home without buying goodies from the Mountain Maid. That is considered a mortal sin. ;)

Good Shepherd Convent is in Mines View. The main entrance is along Gibraltar Road and it is within walking distance from the souvenir shops at Mines View Park.

The convent is usually the next stop for most visitors coming from Mines View Park. Good Shepherd is known for the different products made by the nuns. Among the most sought items are fruit preserves, strawberry and ube jams, cashew and peanut brittle, and coco jam. The money generated from the sale of their products is used for the different charities sponsored by the Good Shepherd nuns and also for the maintenance and upkeep of the convent.

Even though we only stayed for 3 days, the kids scampered to buy assorted cookies & jams for their friends back home. Kap was dumbfounded to shell out almost 2k for only several jars haha. You can buy cheaper-priced pasalubong in the palengke but I doubt if those will taste as good. ;)

Product Price
Peanut Brittle (370g) P 150.00 | Peanut Brittle (500g) P 170.00
Peanut Brittle no Sugar Added (300g) P 180.00
Strawberry Jam – Whole Berries (12oz) P 200.00
Strawberry Jam – Whole Berries (8oz) P 135.00
Strawberry Jelly – Plain Syrup (12oz) P 100.00
Strawberry Spread – Crushed Fruit (12oz) P 175.00
Ube Jam (12oz) P 160.00 | Ube Jam (24oz) P 260.00


Baguio Night Market

Harrison Road, Baguio City

Come nightfall, and yes, after that heavy dinner I talked about, it was time to walk off all the food we consumed. Bangungot is real. very very real. And I am scared.

Baguio Night Market, a vibrant place to do your ukay-ukay shopping, is open from 9:00PM to 12:00AM. For 3 hours, half of the Harrison Road is closed and made open to vendors and the shopping public. Vendors lease their stalls for 1.5k/month. Not bad.

The Night Market in Harrison Road started in 2012 and was launched by the City Government of Baguio to boost commerce and tourism. And based on what I saw, business is booming!

On both ends of the Night Market stretch are food stalls that sell the usual street foods (barbeque, mami, goto, balut etc.) Most of the goods sold in between are second hand clothing from shirts, pants to jackets. But there are also brand new items. Even UGG BOOTS. Which Kap forbade me to buy. Ugh!

PicMonkey CollageA

It’s like Mongkok in the Philippines with shirts you can buy for as low as 20 pesos each! I was blown away. Poeple were carrying around sacks of things they happily bought at bargain price.

Baguio City Market

Rajah Soliman Street, Baguio, Benguet, Philippines

I don’t go to the market. But if I would, I would love to go to a market like this. IT. IS. CLEAN. !!! And cool, no heaving or sweating (maybe because it’s January). No pushing or shoving (again, maybe because the tourist crowd hasn’t turned up yet). But this is one market I’d enjoy visiting over & over. Plus, the price is dirt cheap.

Err.. dirt cheap to non-chinese looking customers. Kap prides himself for being makunat. He gets the BEST deals. Always. So I could’t help but laugh when after buying from one stall, he found out he was charged twice the amount. Too late after finding out from a stall just across. Naloko si Kap! ;)) Henyways, the price of the veggies he bought were still cheaper than the ones in Manila so he just let it go. BEWARE OF THE LADY BELOW. She can certainly charm your pants off and pretend to give you her “best price”! :P

PicMonkey CollageB

I was super aliw with the colorful walis. But Kap wouldn’t let me buy. BOO! I’d be more inclined to do housework if my broom was this colorful & pretty!


PicMonkey CollageC

Bruha ka. Nagpa-picture pa tayo sis!!! :P Ang ganda pa naman ng smile ni Kap hahaha!




And longanisa that supplies Baguio Country Club, we’ve been told.


Giant strawberries. We bought enough to keep us happy those 3 days, and beyond. This time Kap made sure to ask around first before buying HAHAHA!


And jumbo SEEDLESS sagada oranges. Oh soooo sweet & yummy! <3

To see other places you can visit in Baguio, CLICK HERE.

It was a fun-filled, albeit tiring 3 days. But I love going on adventures with the GOppets. We learn something new each time. And the precious memories we store in my treasure trove is unparalleled. <3

PicMonkey Collage

Wiped out. Going home sweet home. <3

Thank you Baguio for the beautiful adventures & memories. Kap said we will be back again before school starts. I hope the weather will be as perfect. :)

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