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Bacolod Weekend Getaway

Kap’s good friend of almost 20 years FINALLY got hitched & my Hunny simply couldn’t let it pass without bearing witness! Kap had to see for himself who stole the heart of this almost-confirmed bachelor. So he took the whole brood & we left for Bacolod one early morning. 3 AM too early if you ask me! :| And of course you already know why. Nagtitipid sa pamasahe!



Only for you, Pete. Because Kap loves you like a brother. <3



The GOppets have to be volted in. Always. Life would be so much easier -and cheaper, if si Kap & I lang ang lilipad. Pero hindi namin kaya. It’s Ohana – all or nothing. Kaya hayan, patulo pa lang ang laway ko Kap nudged me awake na before 2 AM to get ready. Yung mga bagets hindi na natulog so we were all sleepy. :P

Landed at 5:30 AM, 10 minutes ahead of time. Wow, ang PAL hindi na Plane Always Late. Good job! ;)


Kap booked 2 connecting rooms at L’Fisher Hotel where the reception would be held so the kids will be within arms length lang. They were invited to the wedding but they wanted to explore the city on their own so they passed.



Because we got to the hotel super early at 5 AM, naturally our booked rooms were still unavailable. So very grateful to the kind staff who let us use a spare room to catch some needed zzzzzzz’s. Mala-sardinas kami pero keri lang.



By late noon, we were able to get the other room & start off our day. Kap was so thoughtful to pack along my nebulizer. The months leading to this trip were super stressful for me so I’ve been having asthma attacks on & off. Now I can finally say PEACE OUT! \m/ Looking forward to great & grace-filled days ahead. Thank you God! <3

Because I’ve been sorting & soaring through life the past months, I packed at the very last moment. As in 3 hours before we left. Which, if you know me well, is so not me. I’m Mrs. OC with a checklist. But this time around, I barely had any time to breath that packing had to take a back seat. Ang resulta, wala akong sapatos. So Kap took me to the mall to buy shoes. Akala nya nakatipid sya ha! :P


Not exactly the shoe I had in mind -or my type. But hey, you make lemonade out of lemons right? And it was 50% off. So 600 pesos na lang. Kap was very happy! Naka-lusot ako, hindi ako napagalitan. ;))

Bacolod is a highly urbanized city in the Philippines. It is the capital of the province of Negros Occidental. Having a total of 511,820 inhabitants as of 2010, it is the most populous city in the Negros Island Region and the second most populous city in the Visayas after Cebu City. Bacolod is notable for its MassKara Festival held during the third week of October. Known for being a relatively friendly city, it bears the nickname “City of Smiles”.

Bacolod is said to be a foodie haven #HelloBacolodChicken. So kinundisyon ko na si Kap to allow me to eat rice on this particular trip hehe. Extra pa if need be. ;)


Ate googled the best places to eat in Bacolod & organized our trip. Thank you sweetheart! :-*



Bacolod chicken lunch at Chicken House, which we learned also has a branch in BF. Anubah. LMAO! :P



Bacolod is also popular for its affordably-priced, fresh, and abundant supply of seafood, so we had our fill of those as well..


Seafood dinner at ABOY’s. <3 We were very happy.




No that’s not dinuguan. I wanted one sana but Kap saw this SQUID FATS dish n display & suggested we try it in lieu of the pork innard dish. Boo. Didn’t like it -too oily.



Fresh cold buko juice to wash that all down! ;)

In between food trips, we were able to see The Ruins..



Sugar baron Don Mariano Ledesma Lacson built the mansion in 1900′s for his Portugese wife, Maria Braga. The mansion’s structure resembles that of the italian architecture with neoclassical columns. The garden of the mansion was tended by Don Mariano’s daughter Angelina. Imported lilies filled the garden and around the fountain. A Japanese gardener was hired to maintain the gardens until he disappeared just before the war. It was found out later on that the gardener they hired was an informant to the Japanese Military. When the world war 2 broke out, the guerillas burned down the mansion to prevent the Japanese from occupying the area. The mansion burned down leaving behind the concrete structure that still stands to this day.



Si Maria Braga, lol! :P Hello my beautiful Ate. <3 You are a breath of fresh air.



Nope, I am not mistaken. That piece I’m holding IS the King. :P #AkoAngHariNgTondo

The Balay Negrense. Built in the 1900s by the son of a Frenchman who settled in Silay in 1837 and installed the first economical sugar mill. Gaston was married to a Filipina from Batangas. The house has 12 bedrooms .

PicMonkey Collage11

Balay Negrense is located in the city of Silay & is the ancestral home of the Victor Fernandez Gaston family. Today it is a museum showcasing the lifestyle of a wealthy sugar planter at the turn of the 20th century.





and the Jojo Vito Designs Gallery..


Jojo Vito Designs Gallery takes pride of being one of the largest Mask Maker with the largest collection of original masks in Bacolod City. One of the most popular souvenir maker in Negros Occidental, Philippines.




Jojo Vito Designs Gallery creates designers masks which are one of each kind and are great wall decor or be part of any of your collections. These masks are made of fiber glass long with other materials like semi precious stones, mirrors, glass, shells , natural materials like twigs and bamboos. No feathers were added to these masks for longevity purposes.

Buffet breakfast (488 net) from 6-10 AM came with our stay.


Our 2 remaining days also started early & were fast-paced so buffet breakfasts were always eaten with gusto.

Kap’s tennis bud owns BOB’s RESTAURANT (happy 50 years!) so our yummy mongolian lunch was courtesy of Kap’s generous friend.

Bob’s Pastry Shop and Restaurant

B.S. Aquino, North Drive, Bacolod City, Philippines (034) 434 2409


Kap’s friend BOB treated us to a fab mongolian lunch at the original branch across the Riverside Hospital.



Aside from the eat-all-you-can Mongolian buffet, a must have at Bob’s Restaurant is the Sate BBQ. Pork barbecue drizzled with creamy peanut sauce. And don’t forget the Fruit Punch. A refreshing drink with coconut, pineapple and watermelon & the special unique ingredient – the ubod.

And a side trip to Calea Pastries & Cakes for dessert..


Calea Cakes & Pastries at 15th street Lacson st.bacolod city 6100 Bacolod City, Philippines




My sweet, sweet life! Coffee Crunch Cake 80 php, Chocolate Caramel Cake 95 php, Mud Pie 100 php, Pecan Pie ala Mode 110 php, White Chocolate Cheesecake with Raspberry Sauce 90 php, and Warm Banana Cupcake 75 php.

No trip to Bacolod is complete without pasalubong from Pendy’s of course. Napoleones & Half Moons were on top of our list.


Pendy’s at 25th cor. Lacson St. Bacolod City, Negros Occidental Philippines





You’d think that’s a lot. Pero ubos. Walang natira!

Before we bade Bacolod goodbye, we had a little time to spare for some Batchoy & Bibingka goodness at 21 Restaurant!



Kap’s SUPER (with bone marrow) 90 php & my SPECIAL (atay atbp) 80 php. Lola Nitang’s Bibingka 65 php & Fresh Lumpia 35 php. Kap is VERY happy with the price points here hehe.



Whew. And that’s a wrap for our Bacolod wedding weekend getaway. But wait! I haven’t shared with you snippets of the wedding yet!


PicMonkey Collage20

marriage quote1

Congratulations & best wishes, Pete & Ria! <3 You started late so hurry up, you have a lot of catching up to do haha. May you always wake up even more in love with one another than the day before.


Thank you Bacolod for the exciting weekend getaway! <3 Ang sisipag talaga ng mga anak ko, nakakatuwa. Sobrang sulit mahalin. <3 #StudyPaMore



And thank you LYSOL PH for taking care of my feminine needs during the trip! ;) May plugging pa talaga diba!

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