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As many of you know, what got me into blogging was my muse & inspiration Ms. T. Her candidness & anything-under-the-sun topic of conversation (or rather monologue) injected with wit & humor got me started on my blog more than 3 years ago. More than her bags, more than her fashion style, more than her endless shopping and finds, it was her daily musings about her family & life in general that got me addicted to her blog. Ang sarap lang kasi maki-chismis sa buhay ng may buhay diba. Especially if the person & her life is very interesting. Heck even her household helpers were interesting.


This photo belongs to Tina.

At first, it was just my kids who were reading my blog posts. Then little by little, other people started reading my entries too until I got a bit known & sponsors paid attention to me. Pride for my accomplishment over what was in my heart won, and for a time, I got lost somewhere. I wasn’t blogging for myself but for others. I got consumed by the biz.

I started restructuring my blog. From the WordPress platform I self-hosted. I changed my theme, my lay-out to make it more professional-looking. Yung pocket camera ko naging de– zoom lense na kahit hindi naman ako marunong kumuha! :P #nagpapanggap Nagka-calling card na ako!

For short, my blog became commercialized.

Try as I might, I couldn’t find myself. I read & back read my entries & I was blinded to my changes. Even my girls were telling me that my blogging style became different, it became commercialized. And for a while, I refused to believe them.


Hello Rhea! :) Thank you for holding on. I cannot promise that I can be the same Jane you once knew & loved but I will most certainly try. :-*

People evolve. Even my muse who used to just write personal stuff before has gone on to more commercial stuff, enterprising materials & entries filled with 99% OOTDs/Makeup haul and 1% content. And so I justified myself. I assured myself that people change. Bloggers evolve.

Then lately I got to reading another blogger whose entries are so raw & candid. It’s as if she was talking to ME. Telling ME her life, her story. The first in a long time that I got hooked again by a blogger. And I remembered my muse. And I remembered the old me. And I missed that kind of blogging. The unprofessional kind where pictures were unedited, the posts short & simple, but the content got my readers engaged.


This photo belongs to Annie.

I remember those days, when all I used was my phone camera & I captured anything & everything that was part of my day as I shared them with you. Some readers have stayed, some have left. I thank the ones who have stayed. I’m hoping the one who left would come back. I’m hoping I’d come back. I miss the old me -back when I too was a fan & rankings and ratings didn’t matter. When I didn’t feel so entitled & self-important.

For now I’m slowing regaining my old writing style, backtracking my steps. Recognition sometimes gets to one’s head, and I’m not exempted with what very little I got. I’ll still do commercial posts because when opportunities come knocking, you open your door. It’s crazy not to. But I’ll also try to do more personal ones reflecting the person that I am which has endeared my blog to you.

For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been doing some personal blogging -posts which are ready & scheduled to be published in the days to come. Although ang hirap pala, because I need my phone ready & steady for capturing photos of whatever kaganapan is in my day. Parang hindi na ako sanay. Even the kids are surprised when I whip out my phone cam all of a sudden & take photos of snippets of my day. Hindi na rin sila sanay ng anything under the sun topic. But they are fully supportive of my “comeback”. :P


This photo belongs to Jane. (Yes, I dare haha!)

This is me, and I’m here to stay. <3 Thank you for bearing with me.

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