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All 3 kids are once again back in school. </3 I’m so grateful for the 1 month transition period where Ate got to stay with me while the 2 younger kids went back to school last June. I would have gone into depression had all 3 gone back at the same time. As it is, I am missing them terribly.


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I know most moms are happy & pretty relieved when their kids go back to school & they can assume regular programming after a summer of chaos. But I get really really sad when I have to say goodbye in the morning & wait practically the whole day before I can see them again. And it’s not only now that I’m feeling the empty nest syndrome. This happens every single time that school resumes.

Thank goodness blogging keeps me busy. I think I need to get an online part-time job to keep me preoccupied. Can you recommend one please? :P Even my dear Lelly isn’t helping much. As usual, she just sleeps the day away & only comes alive when the kids are home.


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This school year is the 2 younger ones’ second year in a new school. I’m so happy that there is no more drama this time around (knock on wood). My Lovey, although she was apprehensive at first because she didn’t know anyone in her class (there are around 9 classes/level after all), has quite blossomed & is not as insecure. I gave her the option of homeschooling this year, but I’m so proud of how brave she is now to face uncertainties head on. She has really grown, matured, & become independent in the one year that she’s been in a big school. I really must say we made the right move. On her first day, I was really anxious how her day would go & my stomach was tied in knots. I was worried that she wouldn’t have anyone to eat lunch with. I was so relieved to find a smiling 14-year-old daughter when I picked her up from school, who made new friends in her class. <3


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My babyson on the other hand, has so many friends now & our home has been their hangout place in more occasion than one. Of course, his friends are most welcome anytime. I am so happy that from only 1 guy friend in his old school the first 2 years of his high school life, my babyson has made so many new friends in his new school. And, he found a beautiful girlfriend to boot! ;) We’re also excited because this  is his senior year & he is applying to the Big 4. I am hoping he will get into Ate’s college for pre-med so they can carpool & maybe share a condo as a halfway home. Time flies so fast, pretty soon I’ll have 2 kids in college!



Ate will also be reviewing this year for her med proper entrance test. Oftentimes, when I see her burning the midnight oil, I ask myself it I’m right in encouraging her along to be a Doctor. She is always deep in her books once school starts that I feel so bad for her. College shouldn’t be this hard. Most of her peers in high school have only another year to go before they’re through with school, while she has 4 more years to go. I’m so very proud of her determination & will power. I know the amount of work she puts into school & how hard she pushes herself to excel. I wish that all her efforts will bear fruit.


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My poor Ate had to get new glasses because her grade level went up with all that studying!


Kap & I have a lovelife once again, now that we have some privacy. :P I always get distracted when the kids are around, so now he has my full attention. Also, it’s been quiet in the foodie front since the 3 months that I’ve been with KTG, eating our way around town one place at a time. I’m more concentrated on mommy duties now like picking up since school has started & Ate has Anderson, so I’ve had to turn down some invites with regrets. Plus I’m just too sad, I’ll only be bad company. I really have nothing but time on my hands as I wait for my loved ones to come home.

Every year, I face this dilemma. Thank you my dear readers, for always being there to listen to me. For talking to me, and for encouraging me.

PS: If you don’t have an instagram account on your phone but would still like to see some real-time family photos, just CLICK HERE to get to my webstagram. :) Some of you may be disappointed thinking I post food shots like the rest on my Instgram, but I only have people shots mixed in with some food shots to keep it interesting for the rest who don’t care for the goppets much, lels.

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