Back to School 2

Shopping is never just one part for us. It always has a part 2, and a part 3. More pag sinamang palad! :P

Because I got super tired after our morning to mid-day foray in the mall last friday, we had to go back the next day for other school stuff they needed like notebooks & school supplies!

Si ateng anorexic has taken to bringing baon to school na coz she’s on a (forever) diet, so we needed to buy her a thermos to keep her food warm. She eats only brown rice now -very minimal at that. And fish at gulay. Well, at least she’s eating so I really can’t ask for more. I just worry since she’s whole day in school & I’m afraid she’ll need more than what she’s eating to keep her sustenance.

Because it was a saturday & I dare not go to SM (were they’ve got it all for you) on a weekend, we tried METRO. I was quite happy to find it wasn’t crowded at all. (I’m sure the owners were very very sad though!)

Metro isn’t as completely stocked as SM but what the heck, ok na if i don’t get pushed into all directions by the madlang people.

After contemplating for a while on thermoses which all looked the same to me, ate finally settled on this. Grabe naman sa liit! Kanin pa lang kulang na sa akin yan ano beh! @_@

See how small her food jar is???
Ano pa kaya ang mailalagay natin diyan???
I’m re-thinking our democratic way of living sa bahay.
I’m switching na to dictatorial.

We also bought this for Kat’s daughter. Sweet KAT is the one who sent me a surprise birthday cake a while back. She barely knows me & yet she’s sending me gifts again through the very cordial MARK LESACA, her business partner. Baong-baon na ako sa utang so I asked ate to help me look for an appropriate gift for Kat’s daughter. Kat, I hope Gwennie will like this gift! Please let me know if there’s anything else I can send her. <3 You are so so so very sweet to me, thank you so much for loving me a whole lot!!! :-*

Pasensya na talaga Mark, makiki-padala na rin ako sayo hahaha!!!

I also have something for you, Kat (definitely NOT hopia -please!),  which I’m sending through Mark. Nakakahiya mang maki-padala, kakapalan ko na ang mukha ko. ;))

As always, we had meryenda after our shopping madness for school supplies..

Complimentary Bread. I got so excited, akala ko fries! ;P 
Fun Bites (chicken) 375 php
Thai Salad 545 php
I’m sure you can guess whose food this is! :P
She’s eating so much greens malapit na syang magmukhang kuneho, I’m telling you!!! ;))
 My carnivourous’ son’s Steak & Fry (shrimp) 1,160 php
Sigh. We are always incomplete now.
When ate is with us, my Lovey is off with her friends naman.
My Bleu Burger 429 php
Nagbibisi-bisihang nanay! :P
Fixing the kids’ school documents.
(Gosh, ate HATES that phrase, hahaha!!)
I don’t know if it’s due to stress but we (I) didn’t enjoy this APPLE CRISP (360 php)  as much as the last time.

And lookee what opened up in our part of town! FULLY BOOKED!!! ;)

My beautiful dalaga. So happy with the opening of Fully Booked.
Orange on Orange haha.
We are a family of bookworms. And reading is really one of our passions. Book can be VERY expensive, so I buy e-books instead. I find it more convenient (less shelf space, I can read at night without the use of a lamp, not as heavy & bulky in my bag so I can bring & read practically anywhere) & has the most value for my money because I can share the e-book purchases with my kids since we share the same amazon account.
Amazon has been ripping me off I’ve been making Amazon very rich for how many years now with my frequent & bulk purchases. :P So I’m happy I found, or rather Pepper of BOOKETERIA_ found me on Instagram!! <3 You might want to try buying e-books from her. Her e-books are DIRT CHEAP, I tell ya! Like 2 pesos (YESSSS!) for an e-book, and 10 pesos for and e-magazine. How cheap is that, right??? <3
Pepper of booketeria_ is so nice & accommodating. She replies fast & really took care of my needs from start to finish. She also has a “deliver-now-pay-later” policy so it’s a win-win situation for me this time.
This is not a paid advertisement. I paid for my online purchases.
I was hesitant at first because my previous encounter with another e-book library provider wasn’t very pleasant & I was scammed after I gave Carlyn/Princess Cahz (Yes, that’s her name but I won’t give further details na) a hefty amount for bulk order of e-books, and she didn’t deliver or even reply to me after numerous text messages & emails nung tumagal na, after she gained my confidence. She also wouldn’t take my calls. Sadly, she is legit & has a facebook account. She also sells her e-books for 10 pesos a pop so what pepper charges compared to her is really sisiw. <3 I’m just so very happy & I will probably be her suki from now on. :)
Anyway, just a few more days & ALL my kids will be back in school. I’m terrified of what I’ll do with my time once all of them are out of the house again. I WANT A NEW BABY!!! </3
Okay.. maybe for now, my dear Jellybelly will do! :P
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