Back to School 1

My babyson finally relented last friday. Binigay na nya sa akin ang matamis nyang “Oo”! ;))

For a while there I really thought we were going back to their old school coz until the last possible moment, my boy was giving me grief! @_@ Classes already started in their old school and still I didn’t have an answer, so I was feeling hopeless & resigned that we were going back for sure.

This is what he told me last friday, his exact words.. Fine mom, You win. You have broken me. My spirit is broken.

Asuuuuussss!! And I thought I was the drama queen in the house haha. Turns out the are TWO best actors living in the house pala! ;P Ano ka naman anak, kabayo? Na-break??? O to the A! :))

So I didn’t think twice & we went to their new school right there & then to enroll and buy all the things they needed like uniform & stuff.

Oh, eh mukhang malaki naman ang ngiti!
Accepted na nga nya talaga, hahaha!!! 
My very sweet, very compliant baby girl! <3

Upon seeing the standard-issued gartered black pants, aba umalma ang binata ko! ;)) No way jose daw is he wearing pants with gartered waist -swag downgrade is what he said! @_@ So we went to topshop to buy SLIM-CUT UNGARTERED slacks & black school shoes. zOMG. Mag-fashion show ka anak??? $$$

He’s really like his dad. Pa-cute lagi sa camera hahaha!!!
These wacky kids of mine really put the F-U-N & crazee in my blog! <3
My sweet baby girl on the other hand, settled for traditional school shoes. I was forcing her to buy cute black leather brogues but she’s really feeling colegiala & wanted to stick with traditional black school shoes na mala-Gregg! :P Ayaw magpaka-fashionista. Ok fine whatever.

Ginutom ako sa kanila (what’s new). So we had a VERY late lunch at Bulgogi brothers. It’s a korean restaurant, and since ate was nowhere in sight. I had my chance!! m/

BANCHAN. Or (complimentary) Korean appetizers.
I really loved this spicy salad! <3 <3 <3
They don’t always give it though, so don’t be ashamed to ask for it. Super sarap!!!
Complimentary hot & cold tea.
My spicy Kimchi Jjigae 395 php <3 
Bulgogi Bibimbap 395 php
Unyang Style 6 pcs. 595 php
Which is basically just burger cut out into heart shape! ;P
I loved the gulay which my baby girl left on her plate.
My babylove is blooming right before me eyes & is turning into a pretty little lady. <3
I love seeing her smile.
I would do everything in my power & capacity to make her happy & always see that smile on her beautiful face. Anything and Everything.
Pork Belly 395 php
which made my babyson also very happy! ;))

I used my Bistro 40% discount voucher for our lunch so I was quite happy with the bill turnout. Sana laging ganyan! ;))

This voucher comes with the discount booklet when you purchase a Bistro Card worth 2.5k.

There’s just one more thing on my plate, then and only then will my happiness & peace about this transfer be complete. I’ve been praying really hard about something for my Lovey but God seems to be saying a big “NO” to us no matter how hard we try & how hard we push. I’ll give it one last major effort before I accept His will. He knows what’s best afer all, mapilit lang talaga ako sobra.

But before I say toodles, to my dear kikay & fashionista readers, please visit my friend Kat & Mark’s  jewelry page at thejewelryshop on instagram. Their finds are TO DIE FOR! :) Will post a more accurate & complete blog next time when I get the compete details from her.

So in LOVE with this bracelet!!! <3
Hop on over to their page to see similar finds! :)
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