Back to Basics!

The electricity’s been gone since a couple of hours after midnight. It only came back shortly before lunchtime. Believe me, it was a loooong day for the kids. They’re not used to not having “anything to do”, meaning anything to do with electricity.. such as tv, laptop & ps3!!! ;))

My Kapitan K (said with love! <3) allowed us to use the generator for just 30 minutes to shower, heat/cook breakfast & extract my veggie juice from the juicer! @_@

The wind is too strong (you should see our trees swaying!!) & I’m too cowardly to take the brood anywhere in this weather! So we have no choice but to stay at home.

Fortunately, we have so many games stashed away just for days like this… and thankfully, they have each other to keep themselves amused haha! (and I have THEM to keep ME entertained!!!) :P

Games accumulated over the years.. More in the drawers below, sheesh!

I love this the best!!! <3

Twister! :)
Sungka (mancala)

Ate is too busy doing art and couldn’t be bothered with childish games, after enduring through twister with her siblings! ;P

Oh.. Matthew came over to do IR (investigative research) with my baby son! ;) That somehow killed part of his boring day at home hehe!

Meanwhile.. look at my poor pond!!! And poor fishies!!! @_@

Baha na our back yard!!!
Pool water, pond water & muddy water all mixing together, eeeeeeewwwweee!!!

One thing this power shortage made me realize today, it ain’t easy going back to the basics, folks! :P

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