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Babyson’s 20th

Out of the 3 kids, si Babyson talaga ang pinaka-sociable at pala-kaibigan. Which is why I never see him in the house coz he’s always OUT, gumagala with his friends. Unlike my 2 girls na ako ang BFF at buhay. ;)) So I make it a point to make our home attractive to his barkada, para they will stay put & I will be able to see his face. Yan ang secret ng maabilidad na nanay, lolz.

Nov 25, with friends..

My Babyson’s man cave is complete with gaming, gadgets, and manly equipment to entertain his guests, plus our pantry & refs are always fully stocked, our home barkada-friendly. Para maglagi sila sa bahay at makita ko naman si pogi. ;)

For his 20th birthday, I asked him where he wanted to treat his barkada. Last year I think it was in Four Seasons Buffet & Hotpot. They have BIG appetites so kailangan buffet para hindi ako malugi. ;)) This year though he wanted chill lang daw sa bahay because weekends nearing Christmastime are cray. Maingay na, mahirap pang kumuha ng pwesto. And so, mommy got to work. Ano pa nga ba ang silbi ko sa buhay diba. :P

Kap knows his way around Manila because he frequents the stores there for spare parts sa car shop nya, so when I asked him to put up Christmas lights in our backyard to make our Babyson’s party more festive, he immediately took me toΒ Binondo where we struck gold & found strings at half the price from True Value’s (500 php down from 1k selling price in department stores (may tubo pa sila yang lagay na yan ha, masinop talaga itong asawa ko). Pinakyaw na namin lol. Kaya mailaw ang mundo namin itong pasko!

“Ano ang gusto mong pagkain anak?”, I asked him.Β Basta steak daw. Manly eats, noted. So I placed my order from our favorite go-to caterer, Neil’s Kitchen. One whole stuffed turkey & a huge slab of Roast Beef. Then white & red pasta from our sexy chef at home. Siguro naman kasya na yan, I thought to myself. (FYI, kinulang pa rin hehehe)

To order, do call Neil’s Kitchen at ‭(0917) 311 2916‬. I highly recommend our family favorites: Roast Turkey with Chestnut Stuffing, Mashed Potato & Cranberry Jelly (795/kilo minimum of 4 kilos) and the mouth-watering US Black Angus Rib Rye Roast Beef with Mushroom Gravy (2,800/kilo minimum of 4 kilos).

I was supposed to order pa sana a whole lechon & baked salmon as well, but as soon as he found out, my Babyson advised me not to anymore kasi nga 10 lang daw sila, sobra-sobra na. I didn’t take into consideration that we had guests flying in that morning nga pala, plus kaming pamilya pa, ahuhu. Kulang ang pagkain for these hangry, growing kids! @_@ Bitin, nakakahiya!

Turkey & Roast Beef to celebrate life, and thanksgiving for the blessing of our birthday boy. <3 Michelle lent me her beautiful warming table, I will ask my maabilidad Kap to also make me one kasi gaya-gaya akong tunay!

The first of many (?) celebrations for my beloved Babyson. Super thankful for his life. I can’t even imagine our adventure without him in it.

Nov 28, home sweet home..

For his simple birthday celebration at home, my Babyson requested sushi maki & tempura from Sushi Ninja. I swear, Sushi Ninja has the biggest makis & the fattest & longest tempuras! They always get home so late from school & have to wake up early again the next day, that they didn’t want to go out to celebrate anymore after coming home from a long, tiring day. Ayan nga at may I.D. pa si pogi. ;))

Ate’s Bday Greeting

Bae’s Birthday Greeting

Nov 29, teppanyaki dinner at Yurakuen..

We are truly a family of pigs & Yurakuen in Diamond Hotel is our favorite place to pig out. We just love the beef tenderloin & scallops cooked table-top. <3 Good thing it was a holiday the next day so we were finally able to celebrate my Babyson’s birthday with a bang! The kids have outgrown the gifting phase so I make sure I make their birthdays as special as possible by eating out at least.

Sons may grow into men, and grow out of their toys. But in the hearts of mothers, they are forever little boys.

I hope you had super fun BURP-day celebrations anak. You study so hard & you’re such a good boy that I want to make your life as enjoyable & stress-free as possible. ILY! :-*

And that’s the end of the birthday season this year. I am officially B-R-O-K-E. Santa, pa-refill naman ng bank account? Hohoho! ;P

Happiest of birthdays my Babyson! I don’t need to tell you what to do anymore because I know in my heart that we have taught you well. Love you anak! I just pray that God will always keep you out of harm’s way, and bless you with a long, healthy, and happy life.

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