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Al & Regine’s Baby Shower

Loyalty is super important to me & my family. Not many can be loyal to you. They may be temporarily loyal because of their NEED of you, but once their need changes, so does their loyalty. Loyalty is about people who stay true to you even behind your back, more importantly, even without a need. And though you can’t put a price to it, reciprocating kindness & showing your appreciation goes a long way, even in its simplest form. <3

“Look out for the people who look out for you. Loyalty is EVERYTHING.”

A couple of weeks ago, my wonderful Bae thought of giving one of our security guards (his wife, rather) a baby shower. Al works for an agency, but he has been assigned to us for over 15 years. My Bae was literally still a bae when he started his journey with us.

She really has the kindest of hearts, this baby girl of mine..

These were taken recently at an outreach at San Juan de Dios that she did with her class. She was teary as she showed me the pics after & wanted to help the orphanage. I asked her to choose between the orphanage & the pediatric onco ward for her charity because we have limited resources, and although we would love to help everyone, we just aren’t financially able to. I said nalang “anak, hindi naman tayo si Batman, wala tayong powers na tumulong sa buong mundo at iahon silang lahat sa kahirapan.” :P Sana makapag-asawa ka ng milyonaryo anak, so you can be a philanthropist. You certainly have the heart for it. Maybe this is really your calling. Finish college first then we can see about applying for a Foundation so you can do volunteer work & we can look for serious funds to help out the children. <3

We found out that the couple didn’t have anything in terms of baby swag to their name with time so close to their due date, so my Lovey & I hied off to Metro Department Store in search of baby things to surprise them with.

As of their last ultrasound, the baby’s gender still couldn’t be revealed because of the positioning, so we thought of just getting them neutral colors. Pwede pang girl, pwede din pang boy.

Happiness on her face, truly priceless. Yang smile pa lang na yan, more than sulit na sa traffic at pila na tinahak namin haha! I’m happy that the siblings know how to share their blessings even at a young age. Praise GOD from Whom all blessings flow. <3

Even stingy Kap was on board. No surprise there. He frowns at unnecessary spending & frivolous things, but when it counts & where it helps, he is all out. So yeheeey, we had his blessings to buy a few things to get the ball rolling for this couple! Wala along #palosapwet

Kap’s kakunatan is a legend na diba hahaha. Pati nga cable namin sa kusina, pipaputol nya para lang makatipid kami ng 250 pesos/month grabe. Hayan oh, bumili nalang sya ng antenna & TV Plus since the helpers watch lang naman daw tagalog channels. OMG my honey, hindi ko kinaya ang kabaratan mo! ;))

And although it was an impromptu baby shower, we bought food to share with the rest of the gang. A shower just isn’t a shower without food, don’t you agree? ;)

My Bae is super low key & she doesn’t like me showing her off so I had to take ninja moves to get her photos lol. Sorry for the humble brag, but I just can’t help but be proud of my kids talaga.

We called in the rest of the gang (not shown in photo) & had an impromptu baby shower! You can do anything & everything if you set your mind to it, kahit na ba mukhang busabos pa ako yang mga panahon na yan hahaha!

Dearest Al & Regine. After so many years of waiting, you have finally been blessed with a little bundle of joy! God is indeed soooo good. <3 My family & I pray that you will have a quick & safe delivery. That your baby will be strong & healthy, and that he or she will bring you much love & joy.

Al works the night shift as our security guard, so in the mornings after a little rest at the barracks we provide our staff, he takes out his tricycle (which he saved up for & purchased with his meager earnings from the agency) & does a couple of runs to supplement his income. What a great poppah-to-be & provider this guy is. I so admire him for his drive & positive outlook in life.

Always remember that working hard & achieving your dreams is important, but more than the procurement of material possessions, in the end, the only thing you can gauge your true success as a person is how you have raised your family. So take great care that you don’t lose focus on what’s really important in life. Family is our greatest treasure. Enjoy yours above all.

Thank you for your loyalty & dedicated service to our family, Al. Rest assured, we are with you every step of the way. :-*

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