Baby Nixzy

A mommy friend, Cathee, finally had her bouncing beautiful baby. Her 4th girl, but still special nontheless. <3 We were all so excited to see baby Nixzy. The last time we were all together, Nixzy was still in her mummie’s tummy. And now here she is right before our eyes, and what an adorable little girl she is! <3

Sorry for the bad picture quality. The lighting inside the resto was very very dim.
This photo doesn’t do justice to the beauty of the mommy goddess & her adorable baby.
As always, Cathee went over & beyond in the preparation of Nixzy’s baptism. The personalized invitation alone spoke of class in the highest degree.

Baby Nixzy can never say that just because she’s the 4th girl in their family she got the least love & attention, because her doting parents gave their all in making sure their little angel was welcomed with a very big BANG! ;)

Nothing but the best for this baby girl! <3
Everything was personalized.
I love the cute (and yummy) giveaways! Cathee has really been busy with her preparations! #goodmommah
Guests were asked to come in white. Kaya mukha kaming nurse dito! ;P

The baptismal reception was held at the very private, very posh PRIME 101 cafe at Ziebart Building in Makati.

Again, so sorry for the bad picture quality. This was the best I could do, short of clearing everyone away from the buffet table & setting up klieg lights! ;))
Callos on Potato Skins
Roast Pork Pockets, and Rib Fingers on Chinese Spoons.
Fried Siopao Asado
Loved, loved, LOVED ’em!!! <3
Stuffed Sole
Roasted Beef Ribs
The ribs brought beautiful smiles to their faces! ;))
Seafood Paella
Rhum Bread Pudding
My BIG plate was very very VERY happy! <3
The 60-seat-capacity was filled to the max with Cathee’s friends & family.
See those smiles? It means we were delightfully stuffed! ;))

Prime 101 is partly owned by another beautiful mommy friend of mine, Ria Castro. Do try their famous TOMAHAWK 1100g. steak & their Super Prime Rib Eye Steak. #drool

The beautiful Ria who always has an enchanting smile on her face! <3
The Tomahawk 1100 grams. 5,200 php
SUPER prime rib-eye 1000g.
Cooked the way you like it. 5,200 php

And if gifts were an indication of how much Baby Nixzy is so loved & adored, I’d say she’s loved in a very very BIG way! ;))

Thank you so very much Cathee & Ariel, for having us over & letting us be a part of this milestone in Nixzy’s life. <3 Welcome to the christian world, sweetie!! :-*

On a totally different note, please allow me to give a shout out to..

I am so very touched by your love, and flattered by your adoration. Thank you, thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for valuing me so. I am very touched & very overwhelmed with your love & care! :-* I love you Isa!!! <3
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