Baby Girl Gallardo

Yesterday morning, I received an email from George, a reader. She made a specific request which I am honoring. I would have done so earlier had I not been away the whole day (& night) yesterday, so forgive me George for this day-late post.

I am, first & foremost, a wife & mother. And the story that she has brought to my attention has pinched my heart. I feel for this family, I hope that if you are able to, you can also contribute in one way or the other to the plight of this family in DAVAO who is struggling to keep it together emotionally, physically, financially..

UPDATE on Baby Rhory Mae Gallardo by Dr. Karen Alabado: She has a good supply of breastmilk over the next 10 days, thanks to the mommies who donated their breastmilk. She is being weaned from her respirator, please help pray she will be off it soon or else there will be a risk of blindness from the oxygen. She’s so tiny, she can’t be breastfed at all nor fed kangaroo-style. She is expected to be in an incubator for at least a month, and at the ICU for at least two months and will need breastmilk thereafter, so we will need to regulate the breast milk being donated by moms with babies less than 6 months old. San Pedro NICU can store your milk properly. THANK YOU once again to all of you praying for this baby!!! 
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Please help me find breastmilk for my dear Rhory’s baby. Her husband told Rhory that he would choose her over the baby if it came to that but Rhory told him to choose the baby. So here she is, 29 weeks old, only 700 grams. In an incubator. She needs breastmilk and prayers badly. Please pm me or call my clinic 2212259. Baby girl Gallardo is at the Neonatal ICU of San Pedro Hospital.


This is, was, Rhory Salvador Gallardo from Davao, a wife to Jesse.. a mother.. a friend..

I will miss you, Rhory Salvador Gallardo. We started my professional journey together. Some lose their secretaries because they stole or they sought greener pastures but you have been loyal and trustworthy and I have lost you too soon, beyond anyone’s earthly reach. You’ve seen me through my ups and downs and I have been with you through yours. You gave up your studies to help your siblings finish theirs, and were your family’s staunchest defender. But my loss is nothing compared to the loved ones you’ve left behind – Jesse your beloved husband, your siblings Kat, JP and April and your parents. And three, now four little ones who will be missing their mommy the most. Rest in peace my dear Rhory.


THANK YOU ALL FOR THE OVERWHELMING RESPONSE for baby girl Gallardo. Please keep on breastfeeding your babies and donate milk later on in the weeks to come. will ask Alex Hao to help coordinate, here is what she said: Hi everyone just spoke to nurse Irah, the pm shift nurse of baby Gallardo in san pedro hospital. baby started Being fed today 1cc for 3 feeds. Starting 2 am tomorrow 2 cc. They prefer moms whose baby is less than 6 months old. Take note that 1 oz = 30 cc. Baby’s feeding needs will increase as the days go by. Baby has milk for tonight. Since baby is without a mom let’s plan for long term and keep our donations coming as baby grows rather than bring so much milk now all at once. God bless you all dear mommies and all of you who shared this on your walls.


A reader & friend, Tin, made an extra effort & texted me these details just now..

Thank you so much for these info, Tin! :-*

This little angel needs breast milk badly. If I could, I would. So I am reaching out to you who are able to. Love & support come in many ways, it doesn’t have to be always financial. A little gesture goes a long long way. Thank you in advance, from the bottom of my heart! <3

Yes, sadly we miss her, and try not to grieve;
A little while longer we too must leave,
To meet her on that beautiful shore
Where parting’s unknown and life’s evermore.

Rest now, dear Rory. ‘Til you meet each other again.

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