Baby Bear

I have a reader whom I’ve grown quite attached to. :) I call him my baby bear & he calls me his mommah bear. We’re tight that way, lels!

It started when he commented on some of my posts, then we became instagram buddies. Then he started guest blogging for me. And now, he’s like one of my kids na.

He just came back from Singapore, one his many and frequent travels, & he had some pasalubong he wanted to give to me personally. He was coming from Q.C., imagine that. And on a weekend to boot -the traffic! I was really touched that he would care for me THAT much! So I invited him to join us for dinner since he was coming all this way just to visit me. And I do love meeting my readers! <3

I knew it would be very busy in the mall on a friday, & parking would be a nightmare, so I asked him to meet me in Molito instead where we had more chance of hearing each other talk! ;P I chose Cafe Juanita for our dinner date. It’s one of the few restos I haven’t tried yet so it’s like hitting 2 birds with one stone. I like to multitask. ;))

I got there early so it was virtually empty.
It filled up fast though and the place was full when we left.
I really liked the atmosphere of the restaurant.
Maraming borloloy, ganyan ang mga type ko. 
The downside of sobrang kaborloloyan though, is I had the worst case of allergies.
Ang daming alikabok umiikot because of the curtains & other thingamajigs hanging everywhere.
So I kept sneezing.
Natakot siguro si Jeng mahawa sa mikrobyo ko, medyo lumayo eh, hahaha.
I liked how they had cozy nooks for more intimate dinners. 

The food they served was Filipino, but they had Thai cuisine as well. I stayed true to their filipino offerings para hindi kami malito sa kinakain namin! ;) Their servings are really small, so I suggest you get several dishes at a time para hindi kayo mabitin.

Sinaglay 397 php
It’s a lot like tinomok, Gabi leaves wrapped on pork meat simmered in coconut milk.
Steady lang.
Garlic Chicken 252 php
Ratatoy 235 php
This is tuyo with ensalada. It made my heart sing. Parang ang sarap tuloy mag-kamay! <3
Although I’m warning you, you need a lot of rice for this baby coz it’s salty!  Kailangan may extra rice! ;P
2-way Adobo 527 php
This one came in a big serving. And I really loved the way they cooked it.
It’s a combination of adobo flakes & beef adobo. The meat was tender & flavorful. 
Dinuguan 188 php
Dinuguan is one of my favorite filipino food, but this one just lacked the oomph.
Kulang sa asim at anghang. </3
Kalbi Chim 297 php
Okay. So this is not a filipino food -it’s a korean beef stew, but our server recommended it.
And he didn’t fail me. I LOVED IT! <3 
Too bad my hunny had a basketball game & my babyson was out with his new friends,
so it was just us 3 girls that Jeng got to meet. :(
I would have loved for him to meet my entire family. 
Toffee Pudding 145 php 
Mini Turon 127 php
Special Cassava Cake 127 php
My baby bear brought so many pasalubong!!! <3
And before we left, peechur-peechur! Talagang mga bloggers lels. #nagpapanggap

To view Jeng’s post on our dinner date, click HERE to get to his blog page.

Jeng, thank you so very much for taking time out from your very busy schedule to come all the way to alabang just to meet with me. And thank you too for all the yummy pasalubong. ANG DAMI! You are the sweetest baby bear in the whole wide world!! :)

Incidentally, JENG will be guest blogging for me tomorrow. He was able to interview my dear frannywanny while he was in Singapore. I’m so excited to share his post with you. Do watch out for it tomorrow! <3

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