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Azumi Boutique Hotel

Being an Alabang girl, I’m fortunate enough to have been able to stay at all the neighboring hotels, all save for one: Azumi Boutique & Hotel. It’s walking distance to our church CCF, so we always pass it. And I promised myself that one day, I WILL conquer Azumi, lels.

And that day finally came! \m/ Last week, the fambam was billeted in not 1, but 2 rooms at the cozy Azumi Boutique Hotel.

Boutique hotel is a term used to describe small hotels in unique settings with upscale accommodations. Since Azumi is a boutique hotel, big families or families with BIG KIDS such as ours will simply not fit in 1 room. So Azumi Boutique Hotel was so gracious to give us 2 rooms in order to fully enjoy our staycation. Grateful! <3

Azumi Boutique Hotel

2205 Market Street, Madrigal Business Park, Phase III Alabang, Muntinlupa City (02) 869 9888


Azumi which is of Japanese origin, means Haven. A safe residence. And at Azumi Boutique Hotel, you really feel safe. Each key card can only be used on the floor that your room occupies. Stylish and environmentally friendly, Azumi Boutique Hotel in Alabang provides the modern traveler a quality hotel at an outstanding value.



Welcoming us is the tall, beautiful & statuesque Maria Tanglao, ultra chic PR princess of Azumi Boutique Hotel. AND! She’s a beauty blogger too. Do check out her page.. trophygirldiaries.blogspot.com



An array of books, photos, cozy furnishings and other travel mementos make for a picturesque welcome for the guests at the lobby. Azumi’s 186 rooms are characterized by use of earth tones with a distinct pop of orange, wood laminate floors and floor-to-ceiling sliding glass doors create a feeling of open space and also allow one to appreciate the cityscape.




In every floor, the elevator opens to a wall with textured tiles by Ecocarat. A brand of tiles which absorbs harmful substances, moisture and odors. ECOCARAT is a revolutionary natural ceramic tile for interior wall surfaces. Designed for surfaces not subject to becoming wet, INAX succeeded in developing a completely new building material that provides functional and aesthetic features beyond conventional tiles. By controlling room humidity, odors and harmful substances, ECOCARAT fosters healthful and comfortable living at a level unmatched by other wall surfacing products.



Each room has a standard King or Queen bed plus a day bed. So it’s really a room for 2. 3 at the most. Or 4 maybe if you have small kids. The room our kids occupied was a Garden Queen which goes for around 7k/night depending on the season. (Breakfast not included)



If you have kids staying with you, I suggest getting the King (no need for garden room as the sizes are the same, you just have an extra outdoor pocket) which goes for more or less 7k. Again, depending on the season. (Breakfast not included)



Toiletries provided are all ACCA KAPPA brand. Ang bangoooo! <3 The bathroom is tiny but it serves the purpose. I can live without the bathtub, but a bidet is very important for ladies (hairdryer optional). I hope someday in the near future this can be installed in each bathroom at Azumi Boutique Hotel. :)



The Garden Room features a garden pocket with synthetic grass. Of course, my girls waste no time in indulging in photo ops! HULI! :P



Meanwhile, our Queen Room on the 6th floor. A floor above our kids’ Garden room. (All Garden Rooms are located on the 5th floor). Published rate for a queen room is 6.5k/night. Depending on the season (Breakfast not included). So you can more or less determine the size, my brilliant Kap hankered me into doing this! :P



No pocket garden but you have a balcony. So if you’re claustrophobic, the sliding window with a balcony helps. You can leave the drapes open. (As long as there’s no hanky-panky going on). And yes, FYI, we closed the drapes hehe! :P *WINK!

Azumi Boutique Hotel does not have a gym (to the dismay of my body-conscious, health buff of a daughter) But what it does have is a Saltwater Infinity Lap Pool. Yup, you read that right! \m/

Salt-water pools might conjure up visions of invigorating ocean swims, but they have little in common with the briny environment. All pools need treatment to sanitize the water. Health threats of pool water include bacteria, viruses and other contaminants that thrive and grow. Some swimmers who suffer side effects from traditional chlorination systems swear by the benefits of salt-water pools.

The role of salt in salt-water pools is neither disinfection, nor improvement in buoyancy. Salt levels in pools are far below the salt concentration in ocean waters. Instead, salt acts as a continuous source of convertible chlorine but less harsh to the skin. Source: http://www.livestrong.com


The Saltwater Infinity Lap Pool opens at 6:00 AM and closes at 10:00 PM. Pool Fee – Pool access is based on the number of registered Adults and Kids per room and may be enjoyed by in house guests only. Any additional pool access is charged an extra fee of P500 per head, limited to (2) additional guests per room. Pool access includes the use of (1) pool towel per person. The pool access fee is only applied for use of the pool. Additional extra person charge applies for guests who will sleep over.



My babyson & his gang. Summer is almost over so I encourage him to have his friends over whenever he can. Staycations are no exceptions. :) They are like my own.



I wonder what these young men will be 10 years from now. How exciting to see them shape up to be good (hopefully) pillars of the community. May isa magiging doctor. The rest maybe an architect, or a lawyer, or an engineer. Make us proud guys! :-*



Boys being boys, I knew they’d be hungry after a romp in the pool so I ordered them pica-picas. The Poolside Bar serves only drinks & snacks. Mastercard damage: 4k. Fun they had, priceless. ;)



A mother knows. Gone in 60 seconds. Kulang pa. :P So they had dinner elsewhere.

The area that used to be the Penthouse has now been transformed into The Bar (pictured below) & a Function room (no photo) that can accommodate up to 50 pax seated, or 70 pax standing.


The Bar which formally opened 2 nights ago.




Chilling with Kap. MY Amaretto Sour 130 php. MY Sangria 180 php. And HIS Beef Salpicao 350 php. ;))

As you know, we all sleep together in one big room back home. So I was kinda senti & felt our room too quiet without the kids around. They must have felt the same way too because they visited us. YAY! <3 Family bed.. but try as we might, we can’t all fit. Boo. So they had to go back down after goodnight hugs & kisses. :'( I was sad. But Kap was MEGA HAPPY.. coz, alam nyo na about comings & goings hehe! :P


Thank you so much Azumi Boutique Hotel for finally completing my bucket list of hotels in the South. Yes! Lahat natulugan na namin. :) And thank you Maria for taking such good care of us & seeing to our every need (even on your day off!). :-*


Thank you Azumi Boutique Hotel for your hospitality & generosity in welcoming the GOppets. <3



No Maria, Thank YOU! <3 <3 <3

PS: Romulo Cafe, the only restaurant in the boutique hotel, is just a tenant so breakfast is not part & parcel of your hotel experience. Our meals, up next!


The charming Romulo Cafe. Up next!

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