Kalye Serye sa Barangay Ayala Alabang

There’s a real, honest-to-goodness kalyeserye episode happening right within the posh confines of my dear old village. All in the name of a gate! or 2 gates to be exact.



#AlYabang #gigilpamore This photo belongs to TAPE, INC.


CLICK HERE to read more about the hullabaloo! #LamNa (Grabe umabot pa talaga kami sa Business Mirror!) A part of the news reads: “According to Macasaet (anti-gate), the San Jose Road is where senior citizens of the village gather around every morning to watch the sunset or enjoy the sun. Since it was also a dead end, many children who are learning how to ride a bike go there together with their parents, she said.”  Ah. May sunset na pala kahit umaga. Iba talaga ang Ayala Alabang. Kaya pagalawin kahit si Mr. Sun.

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Here are some of the comments form that article. Nakakahiya, we sound so spoiled & entitled! #firstworldproblems


But here is the UNBIASED & official response of majority of the residents who are definitely PRO-gaters!

Neighbors have been divided into the Pros & the Antis. The Pros are the ones who are in favor of the opening of another gate at San Jose (District 5) in order to avoid the traffic congestion along Commerce Avenue. The Antis are the residents living along the street that leads to the gate.


This is what we have to endure everyday by just simply going in & out our walled gates. Hindi pa kasama yung deadly traffic right along Commerce Avenue. Ayala Alabang has THREE schools in the village. Imagine how many cars from non-residents come & go every day to take & fetch their kids from school. IMAGINE. Palabas palang para lumiko it already takes me 30-45 minutes I swear. Then it’s the bazaar season AND rainy season pa. FML! This photo belongs to R.Rabe

I understand that the Antis want to preserve their peace, order, and security. I understand too that they want their privacy. But what the Pros are asking for really, is very minimal & reasonable. Access ONLY during specific, crucial hours -not 24/7. Surely that is not too much to ask for the discomfort of a few? Besides, they too would benefit greatly with the addition of a gate much MUCH closer to the rest of the world.

In case of an emergency, we residents have 3 gates that leads to the same congested path – Commerce Avenue. There is no other way of getting out.


The San Jose gate meanwhile opens straight to Filinvest, and ultimately the expressway. The second controversial proposed Champaca gate opens straight to Daang Hari. See how much life would be easier for us residents if those 2 gates were to be opened & used? We can skip 30-60 minutes daily of heavy traffic coming & going. Time wasted could be time maximized & spent with our families in the safe comfort of our own homes instead of being stuck on the road. Besides, these gates would be accessible ONLY by residents with stickers. It’s not as if the village road was to be made into a friendship route, which is what they supposedly fear.


This photo belongs to A.Varona

But no. The Antis have taken it upon themselves that they do not want the burden of being a pass-through, even for just several short hours each day. Hours that they are not even home. To the point that they have made it their life’s mission to make sure the gate opening doesn’t happen. Remember, most AAV residents are powerful with strong connections. Power-tripping here is a regular occurrence. TROs left & right have been overused & over-rated.






One supposedly respectable man even threatened physical harm & injury to his neighbors & villagers just to make sure the walls aren’t broken down & the gates are not constructed. He went amuck walking around with a bat and not contented, he tried running people over. This, from a supposed fine citizen of the community who is not even senile. Bilanggo!


This photo belongs to M.Cui

Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 6.00.19 PM

This commotion happened right after our Village president Epifanio Joaquin & Barangay tanods, led by Kapitan Ruben Baes, so cleverly ninja-stealthed the breaking down of the most-talked about walls one Friday afternoon when a TRO was next to impossible to be obtained (weekend) & they had a 3-day uninterrupted time of installing the 2 gates. I don’t know this team personally even though we have lived in our village for over 20 years, but I commend them. What they did took BALLS! I would vote for them over & over again in a heartbeat!


The tearing down of the San Jose wall to make way for a gate on a Friday afternoon without any warnings, catching the anti-gaters unaware, lol. Bravo! This photo belongs to R.C.Hermoso



The newly-installed San Jose Gate which will be used ONLY during crucial hours as a pass-through (it is right beside a home, thus the understandable ruckus). This photo belongs to S.B.Reyes



Champaca Gate. This photo belongs to S.B.Reyes



Champaca Gate. This photo belongs to S.B.Reyes


To see TWO videos of how too much wealth & power can consume you & make you feel like the King Queen of the World, CLICK HERE.

Should the 2 gates, in time, be finally opened or not, I am still thankful that they are just there, waiting & ready to be used in a moment’s notice. With the gates finally built & the road and paths cleared, I am assured that in case of a nationwide emergency, I will have access to 2 extra main roads instead of just being limited to 1 in order to get to my loved ones, who may be out & in danger, quickly.


Update on the Champaca gate. IT IS FINALLY OPEN, YAY! And we got to try it one night on our way home. BLISS is how I can describe the short-cut, bypassing the heavily congested Commerce Avenue. There’s just no other word. This video belongs to L.Sumcio




Open for use by RESIDENTS with village stickers only. From 5-8am & 6-8 pm. Still better than not being able to take a shorter cut any day! This photo belongs to R.Z.Carrion



One down -er UP, one more to go! So thank you Mr. EPI JOAQUIN for your initiative & for your willingness to take the heat so that your neighbors may have another lifeline to the outside world!

Akala nyo Eat Bulaga lang ang may Kalye Serye ha! :P To date, Ayala Land has filed an injunction to suspend the operation of Champaca gate and to rebuild the Champaca and San Jose walls. To counter, a PETITION by the Pros has been circulating –HELP US, CLICK HERE!. Abangan ang susunod na kabanataAt may maririnig pa ba tayo mula kay Lola Nidora???

PicMonkey Collage

So, with these recent developments, ang tanong. WILL THE GATE REMAIN OPEN??? Or will it be ordered closed!



Ang sagot: After 20 days of operations. CLOSED. lol.


PS: All photos & video here are NOT mine. But to keep the privacy of the people who posted them, I did not include their full names here.

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