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Spectrum’s Awesome Sunday Brunch 2. Happy Birthday my Lovey!


Catch the return of the Awesome Sunday Brunch in Spectrum every Sunday starting October 04 to November 29 from 12 noon to 3 p.m. For inquiries, or to book a table, call Dining Reservations at 555 9840


Well, are you? Coz we certainly were! We enjoyed the first installment so much that for my Lovey’s sweet 16th birthday, we decided to celebrate it a few days ahead at Spectrum Fairmont Hotel Makati! GOppets style! \m/ Click HERE to also read about the Candy Wonderland Buffet.


So after our regular Sunday morning service..



and a quick photo op at the pristine Lobby (because the wall!), we hightailed it to Spectrum for a very important business. Brunch! ;)



But not before the old farts had a match-matchy OOTD shot for posterity, LOL. @_@

Starting October 4 to November 29, 2015 from 12 noon to 3 p.m., you too can spend Sundays indulging on international cuisine from live culinary theaters which include Spanish, Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, Italian, Japanese and of course, Filipino dishes. The highlight of the day is of course the whimsical spread of fantastic desserts tailor-made for the event by Spectrum’s innovative team of pastry masterchefs.



Awesome Sunday Brunch 2 at Spectrum Fairmont Hotel Makati is at Php 2,777 net per person. Children below 6 years old get to eat for FREE. Meanwhile, kids 6 to 12 years old get 50% off on the buffet price! How cool is that?


Spectrum Fairmont

1 Raffles Drive, Makati Avenue, Makati (02) 795-1888; (02) 555-9888

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FairmontMakati?rf=139575842862241

Website: http://www.fairmont.com/makati/dining/all-day-dining-restaurant/


Apparently, before we could get our hands on the grub, more photo sessions were in order. The displays are just too cute to pass up! Look closer & you’ll find creations inspired by the Banaue Rice Terraces, Ilocos Bangui Windmills, Vigan’s Calle Crisologo, Maria Cristina Falls, and many other Philippine landmarks which will not only delight, but also educate every child who comes across.



With the birthday girl, and her parents who are kids at heart & took delight in the FUN-tabulous LEGO display. Seen here is the larger than life Rizal Monument-inspired lego building blocks.



The kids were so happy to see their dear ate Margaux who spoils them like crazy!

Following the success of the first Awesome Sunday Brunch, what makes this brunch even more awesome are the LEGO-made Philippine landmarks. Yep, you read that right! Both the young and young-at-heart will revel at the impressive, seven foot tall Rizal Monument greeting guests upon entering Spectrum. Different areas of the restaurant will exhibit striking scenic spots and cultural festivals found in the Philippines (like the Chocolate Hills of Bohol below).


Makes me wanna do a jumping shot right in front! :P



Say hello to the Mayon Volcano edible replica. Sweet & Spicy chocolate cake (infused with siling labuyo) the way I like it.



#KeepCalmAndFightOn Can you spot Manny Pacquiao’s chocolate-covered marshmallow ka-lookalike? ;) What about Jose Rizal?




Who doesn’t adore Chocnut? Every Filipino kid’s sugar-rush staple growing up. Have a slice or 2 of this Chocnut Choco Moist Cake!



(Don Papa) Rum Cake.



And definitely a must try, Chef Nikki Misa’s amazing Burong Mangga Macarons. Sounds weird, but I kid you not, these taste UH-MAZING! Sweet & tangy, I must’ve had 5 pieces of these green splendors. The matchmaking of these 2 ingredients is purely accidental. I was told chef Nikki was so hungry one day but only had Macarons & binurong mangga as available food choices. And when life gives you lemons right? (or in this case, mangoes) Voila! After eating those 2 items & thinking “hmmmnnn.. this works!”, she got inspired & put 1+1 together and out came this winner! Binurong mangga mantequilla is spread between 2 delectable pastries. And macarons, as we know it, will never be the same.



Keeping in line with Philippine landmarks, Filipino desserts! <3



Oh yes. At Spectrum, dessert comes first. <3


This dessert showcase in no way pares down the rest of the buffet. It is just a prelude of what’s to come. There is definitely more. A whole lot more. #ItsMoreFunInSpectrum




The golden family, versus my..



Tsinoy hottie. ;) Who is definitely Japanese at heart. He went back countless times for the fresh & assorted sushi & sashimi spread.



My go-to comfort food. The first plate at every buffet. Japanese! Soft-shell crab & tuna temaki rolls and colorful sushi platter. Noms.



I strongly advise that you just have beverage in the morning in order to prepare your tummy (and leave plenty of space) for the feast that is the Spectrum spread. No way should you pass up this mouth-watering seafood selection! No. Way.



Do you know that Oysters are known to be aphrodisiacs? Well after 2 servings, you can bet your bottom dollar Kap was in for a treat after our lunch! #TMI #SorryNotSorry



It’s Surf & Turf time. After enjoying the seafood spread, head on over to the meat section. Start with the Suckling Pig. *Oink* Crispy, crunchy, and oh so delicious. This yummy & tasty suckling piglet left me speechless! Kermit will not be happy that I am eating one of our babies, lol.



Sorry piglet. </3





Then a stopover at the Prime Rib & Leg of Lamb department. <3 Just when you think you’ve had enough, channel Pacquiao -the pambansang kamao. Para sayo, ang laban na ‘to! #SingItBabyOneMoreTime



Did ya notice what I did back there? I threw in a couple of my POTD (plates of the day) in between photos of the spread so you won’t notice how many I actually had. Aren’t I just so clever? :P Well, there’s still more. Brace yourselves for the other international culinary treasures..













Oh wait!! And there’s a PINOY ICE SCRAMBLE corner right by the Ice Cream cart. Don’t forget to ask for a serving or two! (Pinoy Ice Scramble is a Pinoy style ice cream made out of shaved ice, sweeteners and assorted toppings). Scramble, or Iskrambol, started to become popular as a street food in Manila during the 1970s. It has now made its way to Scramble shops in Malls and other locations around the Philippines. The original “Iskrambol” came in pink color and did not have any toppings. However, as it evolved, people have become creative and added the many different optional items to it.

Screen Shot 2015-10-19 at 1.15.22 AM


This is definitely one sweet 16th birthday lunch! We couldn’t stop smiling in between burps (Perdóname!)


Their braces prevents them from giving wide, teethy smiles. But believe me, the girls are happy. And their bellies very very full!



Happy 16th birthday, my baby! :-* Make a wish!



May the 16th birthday of your life bring you the courage to soar even higher. The confidence to take unprecedented action. The humility to accept your mistakes, and the tolerance to understand others. May this be one of the greatest years of your life. Happy sweet 16 my Bea! :-*



A kiss for you! <3



Bae! Anyareh sayo? Nasobrahan ka naman yata ng ligaya! ;))


Aspiring master builders ages four to 14 years old can enjoy the separate play area where LEGO bricks, play tables, and movies await them. Guests can also take advantage of the LEGO pop-up store where all creations on display are on a special discount.


To my baby girl who is now a lady, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I love you anak. I hope you had a wonderful celebration! <3 Stay sweet & ever loving please. And never be too old for my hugs & kisses.


Tada! A LEGO-lized JENA! ;) Should we start building your replica, Bae?

Thank you so much Spectrum, Fairmont Makati, Monique Toda – Director of Communications, and our dear Margaux Hontiveros – Marketing Communications Manager for another fun, fun brunch. We so appreciate the love you continue to give the GOppets. <3

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