Australian Open BBQ

Lunch today was all-out seafood… my hunny thinks it’s a healthier alternative. Really??? I see cholesterol everywhere, actually! hahaha!

Seaweed salad. Tastes like caviar except tabang water pops out of those beads.
Crab claws
We really appreciate daddy going to the market so early in the morning to get these.
and mussels.
Prawns, which the kids attacked! ;)

We were so full that we almost passed on The Clan’s afternoon BBQ picnic at the Buensalida’s backyard! ‘Twas the Australian Open Finals (Nadal vs. Djokovic). Yes, that is why there was a BBQ! Tennis addicts!!! ;)

Australian Open Finals: Novak Djokovic def Rafael Nadal

Novak Djokovic (1)
5 6 6 6 7
Rafael Nadal (2)
7 4 2 7 5

The Buensalidas also welcomed in new members of their family.. Meet the corals & fishies! :)

Kuya Rolly just finished setting up a beautiful saltwater aquarium
filled with corals & other colorful sea creatures.
I’m sooooo jealous!!!! </3
Plenty of starfishes, sea horses & colorful fishies.
I want!! I want!!! :((

Ate Marita was so kind to let me try THIS to amuse myself.. since everyone else was watching the match. Sigh!

Jiggled & wiggled my way to a 20-minute “work-out”
Gotta buy myself one! BUT!!! Does this really work, I wonder???
If so, then this is THE answer to my prayers, haha!
Imagine, exercise without the effort!!! <3

Of course, the teens couldn’t stay put (can’t say I blame them, the oldies hogged the outdoors while the kids claimed for themselves the huge tv & gaming system in the awesome entertainment room! @_@ ) so off they went in golfcarts, terrorizing the streets haha! ;P

Jaime is missing!!! He’d rather eat than drive around.
College boys! Thinks their waaay too cool to drive around, haha! ;P

And whad’ya know? Just as they were about to park, Jino nicked a car hehe.. Good thing it was just a small scratch (okay, and a somewhat bent fender). They did get hauled off to the barangay though, hahaha! Must have been quite a scare for the 2 boys! :))

It’s good that they can still laugh about their blotter, hehehe! ;P
With great privilege comes great responsibilities.
I know that next time they will ALL be more careful.
I just thank God that nothing major came out from this.

On a positive note, they now share an awesome memory together! ;) AND, they’ll be more careful next time. Lesson learned. Boys will be boys! ;) All in all, I’m thankful for our new family! <3

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