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A couple of weekends ago, the kids raved at the Closeup Forever Summer Party held at the Globe Circuit Events Ground. Yes, this is what we went to SM for even after purchasing tickets online. I prefer the hassle-free Ticketnet service but what can I do? Closeup Summer preferred the hassle-much SM tickets. Gahhh!




Closeup Forever Summer is the first-ever crowd-sourced party in the country. From the theme, to the music, to the venue and artists, Closeup gives partygoers control over this summer’s freshest party by voicing out their votes on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram through the use of the hashtag, “#CloseupForeverSummer”.


Over 500,000 people collaborated and voted to shape #CloseupForeverSummer.
Here are the results:
Music: Electronic Dance Music (EDM)
Venue: Outdoorsy Circuit Makati
Theme: Freshest Beach Party in the City
International Artist: Alesso
Local Artists: Ace Ramos and Mars Miranda


World-famous Alesso (Sweden) headlined Closeup Forever Summer and supported by international rising stars, Helena (Australia), and Deniz Koyu (Turkey). Completing the lineup last April 05, 2014 are club favorite local DJs Ace Ramos, Mars Miranda, Martin Pulgar, and Marc Naval

Tickets were sold at VIP = 4,000 Gold = 2,500 and SVIP table reservations.



I was hesitant in letting the kids go because we all know what happens at raves! @_@


* Rave: A party or event attended by large numbers of young people, involving drug use and dancing to fast, electronic music.


And I thought my Lovey was a bit young to be exposed to PWSS (people who snort stuff -right in your face) & PWMP (people who momol in public -right in your face), but they have their own minds. And since we exercise democracy at home, I was outvoted!


The 2 older kids promised to take care of my baby girl, so I had no choice but to relent after so many discussions. They have to be let out in the jungle someday anyway.  So I guess that someday came early. @_@ And it was a test of their character & judgement. I  am confident that I have raised them well for them to know what’s right & what’s wrong. What’s good & what’s bad.



Independent moment in the car without mommy! :P Mga nakawala!


OOTD 1 Black long dress cut into mini dress from Topshop. Sinayang ang tela!

OOTD2 Black lace romper & separate cover up from Topshop




And just when I thought I was sooooo hip! They teach me yet another new word.. or acronym! ATM = At The Moment. Oooookaaaaay. @_@




And apparently, ALESSO is NOT a band! I never felt so old in my life when they corrected me, lels. Bakit, kayo ba alam niyo sino si Alesso???


Can you see how many people were there that night? And this was the VIP section! I was beyond speechless when the kids showed me this photo! SCARY! I’m just so thankful they didn’t lose each other in this sea of crowd grabe. I mean, how do you call each other, much more, hear each other on the phone if you need to meet up?

Ok here’s a bigger, clearer view. @_@ Somewhere in that crowd are my 3 loves, getting squished, grinded, and groped! Homaygas! This photo belongs to Closeup Forever Summer.



Well, they did seem to have a hecka good time! I was somewhat bothered when the girls said it was okay except for sweaty & topless men who kept pushing & invading their space. I asked where their bodyguard was while this sorcery was happening..



Ayun oh. Busy naman pala mag-bodyguard someplace else & someone else :P Hi Katiecakes! :-*




Meanwhile, Kap & I were a couple of empty nesters! We decided to take the opportunity & go on a childless date! Talo pa rin ako coz we caught a guy movie.. meaning all bleeding macho stuff. But Kap was happy so ok na rin. Arnie is so old na though, gosh. You only realize how old you are when people you see on the big screen look a LOT older than the last time you saw them.


I braced myself for a boring night ahead but I was surprised to like the storyline of SABOTAGE. I thought it was just all blood & gore,but there’s a bit of heart in there somewhere. I wouldn’t normally watch it as my movie of choice, but I was captivated after a few minutes into the show. There’s a nice twist, I promise you! ;)



Members of an elite DEA task force find themselves being taken down one by one after they rob a drug cartel safe house.


And as usual, after the movie, Kap & I went on a prowl to look for a place where we can have our midnight snack a.k.a. 500-peso-date-challenge! @_@

Dusadee Thai

40 Aguirre St B.F. Homes, Parañaque

(02) 216-2571


Dusadee Thai is a teeny weeny hole in the wall joint in BF. Kap & I wanted some dimsum for midnight snack before heading home but all the restos were closed after the Last Full Show. So we ended up here which is open 24 hours.



Too sweet Special thai Iced tea (45 php) which is just perfect to combat the spiciness of their food if you’re anti-spicy. I love spicy but Kap prefers it really mild so this came in handy for him, lels.



(Very) spicy Tom Yum Noodles 120 php Can you see how red? and how oily?



Beef Curry with Bagoong Rice 120 php. Add 25 php for bagoong rice instead of plain white.

Fish Rice Meal 80 php. Add 25 php for Bagoong Rice instead of plain white. Cheap can’t get any cheaper than that. It’s at best, lamang-tiyan. I just don’t know what’s going inside my tummy though. :P

Our total food bill was 450 php. Kap was very happy. I was happy because he was happy. Errbody happy! ;P Buti nalang I have my own eating moments & food trips, so gorabels lang!



Mango Sticky Rice 70 php


The story..



On our way home, my tummy was still grumbling. Hindi masaya si belly, gutom pa talaga! Kap heard it. He said: “ATM Sweetheart! I thought he was laughing at my earlier booboo with the kids. But no, it wasn’t “At The Moment”. What he meant pala was.. Ang Takaw Mo. :P

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