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Asian Eats at The Podium

My good friend CHEF ANNA CHUA of PINK WASABI, maker of these uber cute & delectable KASHI MAKIS was tapped to join the much anticipated & highly participated ASIAN EATS Food Festival at The Podium last August 8-10, 2014 from 10am to 10pm, that featured flavors from Thailand, Turkey, Singapore, Vietnam, Korea, and many more!


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To order, please call: 09478658634 or email at:


The annual Asian Eats is spearheaded by JJ YULO, founder of food tour PINOY EATS WORLD, (I WAAANT!!) and only the best food retailers get invited to participate his pop up events. Anna has become more than a sponsor to me, she is actually a very dear friend now, so naturally, Ate & I had to attend the widely successful event on its very first day as a show of support. <3


CLICK HERE to see the list of participants in the recently concluded event.



This photo belongs to JJ Yulo.




With my dear, dear friends RAYMOND QUISUMBING & the very talented CHEF ANNA CHUA. <3



Only 540 php/box of 18. FTW RIGHT??? Plus it comes with a pair of stainless steel chopsticks. Now that’s what you call.. A STEAL! ;)


With FOUR new & exciting flavors such as the white chocolate and dates, NOW AVAILABLE!!!


Super decadent Reggiano Chocolate Cake 3-inch at 230 php. Sooooo worth it.. the price & the calories!!! <3


Mangosteen Sans Rival (2 layers) 186 php.


Mini Durian Cheesecake 45 php. ONLY!!!


And who should I bump into but my biggest supporters, NIEL (r) & DR. RAY (l)!!! <3 I was sooooo happy! Niel especially, always tickles me pink with his regular comments. I really value his support to me & my blog. <3



I hope to one day be able to join PINOY EATS WORLD & tell you about it. Maybe when I’ve lost a considerable amount of weight I can indulge for a day! ;)

Where Ate & I had brunch, up next! It’s a double post kind of day today!

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