Art Fair Philippines 2014

 Ate begged me to take her to see the ART FAIR featuring Philippine Contemporary Art at Anson’s THE LINK in Makati on its last day. She just came home from her 4-day field trip in Ilocos & I was concerned she might be too tired for anything else after I picked her up at 5 in the morning. But what can I say? Art is her life. Art is her passion. She must have inherited it from my dad who loved to dabble in art in his spare time. It’s in her blood, who I am to stand in her way. :P

So after a quick breakfast, a brief nap, an hour in church, and a hurried lunch, we went to Anson’s The Link in Makati for some eye porn (for them at least). The Link was built to accommodate the displaced establishments and parking spaces of the demolished Park Square 2. It’s a mix of parking on the upper levels and retail on the first and second levels, with Anson’s occupying the largest space on parts of the first and second levels.

The second Art Fair Philippines covering 29 participating galleries, seven special exhibits features most of Manila’s major commercial art galleries and spaces, plus two foreign galleries and the Hong Kong branch of Christie’s auction house. Trickie Lopa of Philippine Art Events Inc. together with partners Dindin Araneta and Lisa Periquet are the people responsible for this highly successful fair.

Entrance is 150/person. 50 php for students with valid IDs. Free for Makati City students & BPI credit card holders. 100 php lang ang binayaran ko. Yay, happy ako.

This photo belongs to AFP.
The show started on February 20. My birthday. Also the day Ate left for Ilocos.
She was so happy that she was able to catch the last showing day upon her return.

Read about it HERE

My perfect works of art! <3
Lovey’s black shirt & skirt from Topshop. Accessory from Forever 21, a gift from her Ate. Jelly shoes from Cotton On.
Ate’s semi-boots & top by topshop. Artsy-fartsy skirt from a bazaar. Jewelries from Mommy’s box. :P

Here are some of the noteworthy (for me) pieces..

Pingpong tables by Louie Cordero. The artist slapped on all the colors of the rainbow onto four irregularly shaped pingpong tables, with legs like totem poles. Guests can play the game here. Cordero originally had in mind a children’s playground, but after some discussion, he decided to put up ping-pong tables based on his sculptural style—and set up a tournament at the festival.

Cradle. Portraits made intricately with needle and thread by artist Eugenia Alcaide. Known for her portraits made intricately with needle and thread, the artist was pregnant when conceptualizing her solo show for Art Fair Philippines. To make the presentation personal, she decided to feature her then unborn child.

Okay, I must say I was VERY impressed with this work of art!

Artist Marina Cruz’ whimsical doll head paintings. Cruz usually does feminine works exploring family and relationships.

Remains (The Sleepwalker) by Gene Paul Martin at Secret Fresh. It’s really meant to stand out from the rest of the fair. His whimsical works, composed of paintings of furry animals and art toys, are a manifestation of his childhood memories.

Mascots at Pablo Gallery by Manuel Ocampo. “Geld oder Kultur (Money or Culture),” which includes various mascots, sketches, paintings, and the drippings of yellow varnish on the wall. The parts of the bird mascot represent the artist, a blue horse mascot with a bird literally coming out from its crotch represent the gallery owners and collectors, and a green sausage mascot as “the profit.” The dripping varnish represent “the pee marks, the territorial marks, of gallery owners and collectors.”

Tawang-tawa naman ang ale, grabe!
Prude! ;))

Chapel of Many Saints and Sinners by Geraldine Javier. The exhibit is populated by resin and wooden statues of saints from Paete. The apostles, whom she calls “Gossip Boys,” are positioned as though they are whispering to one another. She drapes them with clothes that are crocheted and tatted, the latter a form of lacework.

Solo exhibit by Ronald Ventura. This is a cage of unicorns, the skin of the heads bared to reveal the flesh beneath.

Kawawang unicorns. Binalatan ba naman! @_@

Incredibly detailed metal works of Daniel de la Cruz. I loved his Alice In Wonderland-inspired artworks, which were whimsical and fanciful.

My favorite in the show. 2nd to the aircon! ;)

Plus many many MANY more..

Perfect. My 2 girls!
If I had plenty of money I would have considered buying this for what it depicts.


I would love to own this as a conversation piece. If only my house was themed modern art.
It’s literally “KISS MY A$$” teehee!

Chair made out of plastic spoon & fork. Wew. I dared not test it with my weight. :P

As we were about to wrap it up, I got a text message from my Hunnybun. He always refers to “MOMOL” as our movie night no matter how many times I tell him that’s not what it means..


as I was looking at this.. He’s one confused guy, I’m telling you. Now THIS is the real MOMOL -in 3D pa! :P

All I can say is, ART IS WEIRD. Pretty cool, I have to admit, but really really weird, lels. I could not connect, no matter how hard I tried. The 2 girls, especially Ate, kept saying ohmygosh.. ooohhhh.. ahhhh. I went HUH??? I guess art is to them as food is to me! :P

For the sake of my blog, I took photos of the things they took photos of. Para kunwari alam ko ang pinaggagagawa ko! They click, I click. They ooohhhh, I ahhhh! Pero sa totoo lang wa ako care.

They ooohhhh’d at this…


While I ahhhh’d at this air-conditioning unit! ;)) MAINIT KAYA!

I was so delighted they had air-conditioning units strategically scattered throughout the 2 spacious but overly-crowded levels.

I spotted Irene Marcos Araneta. Aha! I wanted a photo op so I can say I rubbed elbows with her & susyal ako. But then I thought to myself, she might ask me how I liked the show, or what my favorite piece was (yes, feelingera talaga ako, ambisyosa pa). Baka tumunganga lang ako at hindi makasagot. So I just made a sudden U-turn when I was about 2 steps away from her. Never mind. Erase erase.

There were 2 floors of art. The fair was at the 6th & 7th floors, occupying a floor and a half of the Link parking building at Ayala Center Makati. Designer Kenneth Cobonpue and architects at Leandro V. Locsin Partners helped transform the car park into an art space for the fair.

Nag-nosebleed talaga ako, promise. I heaved a sigh of relief when it was finally over. 2 hours din ako nagtiis ha. I was only too happy when my girls said: KAINAN NA! Ooooohhhhhhhhh!! Magic word to my ears. So I squealed again. Aaaaahhhhhhhh!!!

Where we ate. Up next. ;)

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