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ArroZeria at the Century City Mall

It’s been a while since I’ve had rice. And we all know that RICE IS LHAV! Oh how I’ve missed it so! So when The Bossman asked for a KTG show of hands who wanted to be among the first to review ArroZeria at the Century City Mall, I made sure I raised both hands.. and both feet! Pati bandila itinaas ko na rin just to make sure I’m in! ;)

ArroZeria serves authentic Spanish Paellas & Fideua (thin noodles like vermicelli). Arroceria means “The House of Rice”, a place specializing in Rice -Paella.

Paella has become a stamp of Spanish culture and culinary identity. Traditionally cooked al dente and thin, its Asian versions tend to be soft and more wet, yet its taste remains unchanging. All over the world paella is enjoyed as a warm, comforting, delightful savory dish meant to be shared at intimate gatherings or with family and friends at large fiestas.


4/F Century Mall, Makati, (02) 217 6563 ; 0920-9744742



For now, ArroZeria only accepts reservations, no walk-ins. So make sure you call ahead. Also, they are only open for dinner. It may change in the next few days. So CALL. 0920-9744742 :)



Same partners as the posh & beautiful GALLERY VASK, you can see sculptures & world of art all over the resto. It’s like the baby sister of Vask, except here, RICE is the HERO. ;)



You know you can’t go wrong when attention to detail is given at every turn. If they spend so much time on the interior, what more on the food! And as I predicted, everything served to us was perfection. <3



Upside down ladders. So it’s not really bad luck if I walk under them right? The decor spells fun. And so does the play on food.



Going in a group? Make sure you order from any of the SIGNATURE JARS. Instant happy hour! AGUA DE VALENCIA (sparkling sangria) 950 php/jar or 350 php/glass. Kap’s Mango Pesto 150 php & my La Guapa (rose sangria) 195 php.



Complimentary Amuse Bouche at every table. It changes every time so you’re always in for a surprise! The time we went it was Chicken Liver Mousse with Garlic bread crumbs.



I was surprised to see that the prices were actually reasonable & fair! The restaurant gave off an “expensive” vibe. More reason to try! ;)




Carpaccio de Atun 195 php. Yellowfin tuna carpaccio, tomato hearts with seeds, jamon serrano chips, calamansi foam, and a little sprinkling of rock salt. I almost didn’t see the carpaccio as it was finely sliced. Great appetizer choice. Just the right amount to whet your appetite. ;)



Tabla de Pates 395 php served in a long wooden board with four kinds of pate & three kinds of flavored mayonnaise. Here our server patiently describes each & what is best paired with which. Pate assortment: Seafood and fish, chicken with bits & pieces of pistachio, cochinillo, and mushroom. Definitely a must-have! \m/



Pescaito Frito 195 php. Fried fresh fishes with sherry vinegar mayonnaise.



Tatin de Tomate 399 php. A dish of cherry tomatoes & mozzarella balls on a bed of spinach pesto. Topping the tomatoes and cheese is a delicate and crisp parmesan disc and mixed greens. AMAZING is how I’d describe it.



Extraordinarily different.. Gambas con Gabardina Negra 395 php. Basket of squid ink battered shrimps with a delicious mojo picon (mild pepper sauce) as dip. <3



Chef J. Luis Gonzalez fondly called ‘Chele’, the Spanish chef of VASK, oversees his latest baby! And the Paella is right up his alley too!




The Paella dishes come in various sizes sure to fit your need -and appetite! ;)



With our very beautiful & very gracious host, JEAN SALONGA FERNANDO of TRIP OR TREATS. <3



Paella is a Spanish rice dish that includes different combinations of vegetables and meats, seasoned with saffron. It also has other spices depending on the recipe and area in Spain it comes from.

Don’t want to wait? Try the Paella of the Day. Readily available for 275 php/single serving! ;)




Paella Valenciana 295 php/serving. This one in the photo is good for 4 servings. Chicken, rosemary, green & white beans.



Negra Fideua, thin noodles in Squid Ink and Octopus, 275 php/serving. This actually comes a very close second as near & dear to my heart. You can taste the squid ink in every grain, I kid you not. The dish in the photo above is good for 4 servings.




New to me is this big bowl of Caldoso De Cangrejo (Crab and snow peas) 275 php. I never knew that Paella also came in a soupy version -that is actually a complete meal in itself!



My TOP favorite among the Paella dishes I was able to try though, is this Foie Gras y Boletus 550 php/serving. The creamy rice dish is heightened by the gooseliver and porcini mushroom taste.


For those of you are not-so into rice, worry not as ArroZeria has a couple of meaty dishes up for grabs. Like this beautiful Tomahawk. Every carnivore’s dream come true! <3





Angus grass-fed Tomahawk 575 php/100g. A manly steak, that comes with potatoes, mushrooms, mustard, blue cheese, and spinach cream sauce. Tender, bloody, steak heaven! <3



Tomahawk spillover. Fats were taken out & toasted into this crunchy chicharon. (lower right)


PicMonkey Collage9

Rice & 1.8 kilos of manly meat. Kap’s night was definitely made! ;)


A succession of yummy desserts were welcomed warmly by our group. Perfect meal-ender to a great night of eating, drinking, and fun-filled bantering. Constant at every #KTG happening.



YOU CAN TAKE HOME PAELLA! How cool is that?




Cremoso de Chocolate 250 php. Chocolate cremaux, streusel, tulle, raspberry jam  & ginger confit that made for a spicy aftertaste. This dessert made me VERY VERY HAPPY! <3



Torrija de Coco Caramelizada (Caramelized Coconut Brioche with Pineapple Sorbet) 195 php which is a light, fresh, pineapple-flavored springy cake. A palate cleanser, if you will, after all those tasty & flavorful dishes of Paella.



And just when we thought we were all rice’d out. This Arroz Con Leche 195 php makes an appearance on our table. A big bowl of caramelized rice pudding with a torched layer that cracks like a creme brûlée! FTW!



Our finale.. Cuajada Al Momento 250 php. Very-VASK-like in the sense of its innovation, preparation, and presentation. Goat milk is poured into a clear glass with a solution to make it curdle. After a 3-minute “no-touching” period (complete with a sand timer), you can top the hardened milk with honey, apple compote, and toasted walnuts, before finally digging in.



Washed ’em all down with a cup of Brewed Coffee 150 php to keep me awake. I was so satiated that I almost fell asleep on my chair! @_@


Thank you so much ArrozeRia and Jean for having us and for feeding us so many delightful dishes that lasted 3 HOURS! I believe all the rice I ate that night more than made up for my no-rice diet this past 6 months, GAH!

And as always, thank you Bossing for including us on the invite. Mwah! :-*



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