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Arreneyer (ASMPH)

Aaaaaand the decision has been made.. DRUMROLL PLEASE! :) The eagle has left the nest & is flying high, spreading her wings over the towering blue skies to destination: Brilliant Future. It’s Arreneyer, guys! :)


Opened in 2007, The Ateneo School of Medicine and Public Health pioneered an innovative curriculum to form outstanding clinicians, dynamic leaders and social catalysts. Graduates are conferred a joint MD-MBA with the Ateneo Graduate School of Business. So after 5 years, my Ate will graduate with double degrees! \m/ And just look at that BIG smile! <3 Her happiness is my top priority.

Ate made me promise not to expound anymore on how we got from UST to ASMPH, the age-old reason is way too controversial -there is simply no way of winning it no matter who I talk to & where I bring it (and believe me, I didn’t go down without a fight. We’ve done all we can, we simply give up). Suffice it to say, she is keeping her faith intact, her head held high, her principles solid. And I have never been more proud of the lady my baby has become.

Out of only 150 accepted applicants, my Ate, a consistent Dean’s Lister with a 97% NMAT score (as I’m sure you’re sick & tired of reading but I just can’t resist laying it out over & over again hehe) is one of the chosen few. I salute ASMPH for seeing the fire, the drive, and the passion in Ate. The endless possibilities & the bright future that lies ahead for my Doctor in the making. Without bias, without prejudice, and regardless of our religion, ASMPH accepted her wholeheartedly with an open mind, and open arms. For that, I am truly grateful.

Last month, My Lovey & I went with Ate to pay for her reservation fee in ASMPH. All the stress left our bodies as we paid our dues & received her student number. Totoo na ito! She finally has a med school, and is now halfway to her dream of becoming a reconstructive surgeon! <3 Ang hirap ng nasa limbo ha, hindi sya nakapag-tutulog.

Ateneo School of Medicine & Public Health (ASMPH)

Don Eugenio Lopez Sr. Medical Complex Ortigas Ave., Pasig, Philippines
Trunkline: (632) 706-3085 to 87 | Fax No.: (632) 706-3174 (for all offices)


My second time. The first was when she submitted her application, and now to pay our reservation for her slot. Congratulations Ate! :-*


I like that it’s a small school. Just 1 building. I wonder how the parking situation is.


We went in full support of Ate. <3 Siya lang talaga ang may mga dakilang alalay HAHAHA! :P


I have silly, funny friends HAHAHA! Hi Margaux! Thanks for the heads up! ;))


And though by enrolling her in AMSPH, Ate & my Babyson will be separated, I am comforted by the thought that she has her cousin in the same med building, a year ahead of her. Also, her aunt lives just a stone’s throw away -in case of emergency. Plus! She found some new friends already, YAY! \m/ I always worry about her well-being, yes even at age 21. She will forever be my baby.


Baaaaad daddy! >:( Hanggang ngayon umaasa pa rin hahaha. Sorry Honey, it’s not in the cards. Di bale, may isang manok ka pa naming natitira. ;P

We’ve started looking at halfway homes. I hope she can still always come home to mommy as I will truly miss her so. But on the days that she is swamped with school work, and the traffic situation is bad, I want her to have a place she can rest & call her 2nd home. Any recommendations on the nearest, already habitable, and within walking distance condos we can consider?


We finished at almost 2pm. Hurriedly ate our lunch before taking Ate to school to catch her afternoon classes. Sigh, her life is so stressful, the least I can do is support her. :'(


A quick stopover for some comfort food in the car while braving the 1-hour traffic back to school.


As giant slice of carrot cake for me please. Healthy ang carrot diba?? Omnomnom.

Hay naku Ate. Paki-dali-dalian lang ang pagaaral. Itong body fats ko na inalagaan ko ng ilang taon, hinihintay ka naaaa! :P It’s time for major overhaul & reconstructioning, lol!

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