Army Navy

So, after I dissed the seats in army navy, lo & behold, we had a midnight snack there yesterday, teehee! :P

Apart from the unbearable & uncomfortable seats, I couldn’t get the quesadillas out of my mind! ;))

Baja chicken Querida Mix 195 php
Cheese quesadillas 105 php
Freedom fries 65 php
liberTEA 75 php
So ok, maybe the seats & I will never be the best of friends. But I’m so liking their quesadillas. And I MAY be back for their bully boy burger. I’m not saying goodbye to army navy just yet! ;P
May 20, 2012
Aaaaannnnnd I was back for the Bully Boy Burger! ;P
Coming home from our Batangas Getaway, we were all so tired and just wanted to get dinner over with so we can go straight to sleep when we get home. In our pang-bahay outfits, the only logical place to eat where there was ample parking & not too many people was at the filling station along Commerce Ave.
Steak Soft Taco 155 php
Cheese Quesadilla 95 php
My Bully Boy Burger 250 php
(triple quarter pounder beef patties!)
Tortilla Soup 110 php
Freedom Fries 65 php
Fearless Fried Chicken 145 php
Steak Burrito 165 php
Baja chicken Querida Mix 195 php

That’s it for me with Army Navy. I’ve been spending waaaay too much time here. Moving on! ;P

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